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2 Ways To Make Windows 10 Accept File Path Over 260 Characters

Making Windows 10 accept the file path over 260 characters by using a registry hack or using group policy to push it out to your machines.

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19 Comments on 2 Ways To Make Windows 10 Accept File Path Over 260 Characters

  1. Does not work

  2. LongPathTool is AWESOME for deleting long path files.

  3. Not sure where this is used, but this doesn't work on Windows Explorer.

  4. Both two file not show

  5. I need one for 8.1. There is nothing in the registry that shows LongPathEnable.

  6. I followed the first method and it didn't work. It still gives me a limitation at the same number of characters. Any tips?

  7. Longpathenabled is missing from my registry. Any idea as to why?

  8. Thanks guy, it also works on window 8

  9. I tried using Long Path Tool and its really working really great.

  10. This doesn't seem to work for Windows Explorer on Windows 10 Version 1607

  11. Long path tool lets you manage and even rename files that have more than 255 characters

  12. Why isn't this on by default?

  13. +BTNHD Cool Tutorial

  14. Why would anyone need more than 260? It makes automating a nightmare. Remove-item fails when the path is greater than 260 which forces you to use old DOS commands to deal with this issue. In my opinion you're promoting bad practices.

  15. Hey,bro could you do a video about upgrading to windows 10 after the expiration date for the free upgrade accessibility/windows10 upgrade

  16. excellent…. good job, keep up the good work

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