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20 Ableton Live (8) Tips & Tricks in 8 Minutes

with an emphasis on studio / DAW / sequencing use.

Also recommended are Tom Cosm’s “quick tips” series

42 Comments on 20 Ableton Live (8) Tips & Tricks in 8 Minutes

  1. Thank you. Now i have it on my Mac.

  2. Hey man! Really enjoyed your work n song. Quick question, I'm very very new at this, as in days. I have created a song with only midi but my ruler or time of play maxes out and ends at 2 minutes, I managed to stretch it to 2:30 minutes by right clicking the top ruler and clicking show all but it won't go past 78 bars or 2:30 minutes of play. How can I get it longer to keep adding more midi? I have no audio clips in it, still don't know how to use them well. I want it to be about 4ish minutes maybe but just can't figure out how to extend my track past 2:30 minutes. Google n forums didn't help BTW. Please help if you can, thank you!

  3. "Maybe you have a crappy audio interface" lmfao

  4. Thanks pretty good tips!!!

  5. Oh christ ….when you say "control e" you mean "command e" for mac users. Not confusing at all.

  6. Hello Sean,
    Do you know if it's possible to loop part of one track (= without having to artificially duplicate it several time) while the other tracks will follow a normal time duration (= that is all along their duration) ?
    thanks for your help & this great video

  7. How to export clips?

  8. dammit i was hoping thered be something i didnt know… maybe i should make a vid

  9. Very cool, thanks

  10. at 5:10, why you made dry wet chains. it exists a dry/wet knob.. or ive misunderstood it? 😀

  11. cant believe he made this in 2009…….. i have so much to learn

  12. Have you noticed his monotone voice?

  13. Thanks for taking the time to teach us noobs!

  14. "Every track can likewise steal MIDI and audio from any other track through its input dropdowns."
    Shouldn't that be "MIDI OR audio"?

  15. does anyone know… if i press shift spacebar it plays where i left off. is there anyway i can make this automatic?? i want the playheader to act like it does in reason where i can just click somewhere and it goes there straight away insted of takin a second or 2 to begin.

  16. I want Sets quarter tones ..How?
    & About save a project an mp3 File or wave?
    Thank you

  17. Awesome video. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. 

  18. Ugh. Some much stuffs to apply to my Live sets in the future. Longtime Reason user who bought Live to "spice up my DAW sex life."

    AND I have Max For Live. A WHOLE 'nother beast within itself. =S

  19. Give this man a cookie

  20. I cracked up when he said "Did you know you could make RETARDED scratching sounds?" Lol this tutorial is great tho. Very fast so if you already know something he goes to the next subject soon after. And if you missed it all you have to do is go back.

  21. I cracked up when he said "Did you know you could make RETARDED scratching sounds?" Lol this tutorial is great tho. Very fast so if you already know something he goes to the next subject soon after. And if you missed it all you have to do is go back.

  22. Great video! I thought I knew more than enough about ableton but this proved me wrong!

  23. I really like these types of tutorials because they move so quickly through different techniques and show examples. If you didn't understand a specific thing you could easily search it up for further instruction. It's great having a plethora of different creative ways of using Live, all jammed into a few minutes with awesome examples!

  24. Well I guess I'm not actually as experienced of a user as I thought.  I picked up a bunch of stuff from this, and I've been using Ableton for quite a while.

  25. I love your voice ! _

  26. Very quick and very good! 
    It's better than hours of another tutorials! 
    Thank U! 

  27. solid stuff buddy. thanks.

  28. I want to be able to record audiobooks using Ableton Live. I would like to be able to pause recording then restart it when I am ready but cannot find a 'pause' function. Also, I would like to go play back a recording and stop at a certain point and be able to record from that point overdubbing any mistakes. Is this at all possible using Ableton Live, or should I be looking for another programme? Thanks for any help you clever people can give xxx

  29. Great video. Stuff in here that I can't believe I didn't realize already, and have been using workarounds to do for all this time.

  30. very informative great video 

  31. Hahahaahahah it was so formal until " Did you know you can make retarded scratching sounds- . "

  32. very fast and amazing

  33. Excellent! Thank you. 

  34. ableton is the best! its such detailed program

  35. nice one, some food for thought here

  36. Such a classic tut. Clear and informative, ahhhh science.

  37. how nice of Kevin Spacey to take time out of his busy schedule

  38. Is there a way to change the duration of a single/chosen bars? Let's say I have a riff in 4/4 but it resolves into a 1/4 and then goes back to 4/4 again, is there any option that I have missed about this subject?

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