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25 Tips for your Survival Minecraft Worlds!

I have spent thousands of hours playing Survival Minecraft, here are my tips!

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41 Comments on 25 Tips for your Survival Minecraft Worlds!

  1. that mining tip was his first survival world!

  2. The first tip is cheating

  3. I don't agree with the seed thing but then again, I spawned on an island with no trees and surrounded by Icebergs, and had to look for a decent place, I ended up building a small house with three walls and a view of Icebergs, I deleted it

  4. I disagree with the point about the mine. My mine is a strip mine and takes up very little space.
    Also 7:03 I saw that!!

  5. 1000 of hours out of 999999999999999999 hours

  6. 2:06 " B U T I T ' S A C T U A L L Y Q U I T E S I M P L E "

  7. No one gonna talk about that forest fire at 0:50 ? On the right

  8. My world got corrupted this is why I hate doing survival worlds

  9. I hit like can I have some money

  10. I cant get past not having keep inventory on… I'm too damn clumsy and die constantly. By falling in holes or getting overwhelmed by mobs and surprise creepers… awwwman… its cheaty I know but tired of losing the only diamonds I have in an ocean …. lol if anyone has any tips to play with no assistance it would be appreciated… I travel the world alot so I hold everything on me because the world I'm in is just full if trees, mountains, and desert… I'm struggling to find a well balanced place to call a base

  11. all of this enchantment n redstone stuff is so confusing wow how am i intimidated by minecraft i’m such a noob

  12. The people who edit thanking for likes are cringe

    Edit: WOW! Thanks for 0 likes guys, most i've ever had

  13. 1 more tip:Be as aggressive as you can

  14. Anyone still watching in August or later?

  15. Pewdiepie Learnt All Minecraft From Mumbo Jumbo

  16. Cheating in every game isn't fun besides multiplayer, as soon as you cheat in a singlepayer, bye bye fun
    I turned it off and can't cheat items in and won't do it ????

  17. I wish I had some friends to play with.

  18. I'm none of those minecraft player types. I like adventuring.

  19. Me: Starts cheating in Minecraft.

    motivation has left the chat.

  20. Mumbo looking down at enormous red stone contraption: “it’s actually quite simple”

  21. 4:57 “it’s quite hard to come by”

    laughs in strip mining

  22. I love that my building style and palette are so cheap.
    Stone and spruce/oak wood. That's literally it. It's wonderful how many things you can craft out of just three basic materials.

  23. I think it’s better if u build a house in the snowy part, everything will be the same but the snowy mountains’s caves/biomes have emerald which can be used to trade with villagers
    Have shulker boxes in your storage so u can carry it around and you can use it to store things in it and won’t have to worry about not having space

  24. Here is year late tip try not to not not live

  25. tip:Make a dirt house at first

  26. I feel like checking out a seed before you start is kind of cheating, but that’s just me.

  27. Heyy, how exactly did you do the Twitter plug animation. plus lmk

  28. THANKS FOR THESE TIPS, I used them in my on minecraft survival series????

  29. Pro tip: build near the starting point that way if you ever get lost just build a compass and it will point you home

  30. I feel like an informal settler around villagers

  31. starting out za warudo

  32. 9:57 Agreed! As soon as my friend continued to bug me about allowing him to cheat on my realm I just got bored. So bored in fact, that I just shut it down. Do not cheat becuase it ruins the game not only for you, but for others

  33. "I would suggest having only one storage system because having multiple is a recipe for disaster."

    My next project: Building a warehouse.

  34. Seed: spooky mansion

    Can’t find spooky mansion but finds mountains

  35. First tip:dont play minecraft

  36. For the last tip, I’m dumb and die all the time so I have keep inventory on but I still like my worlds. The only problem is I cannot find any darn villages

  37. I would love to play Minecraft with friends! But I don't have any friends 😀

  38. How do you make that wheat auto farmer?

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