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28 Amazing Photoshop CC Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

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Check out my article on 28 Photoshop Tricks and Hacks:

0:38 – Whiten Teeth
1:23 – Merge all Layers to New Layer
1:50 – Rotate View Tool
2:49 – Change Layer Opacity Hotkey
3:57 – Choosing Layers Hotkey
4:11 – Move Layers Hotkey
4:35 – Change Units of Measure
5:07 – Add…

24 Comments on 28 Amazing Photoshop CC Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

  1. thanks for the awesome tips! some are super basic, but most were new for me 🙂

  2. thank you so much! very usefull

  3. The tip about Quick Mask: I do it just like you, but my mask keeps coming out inverted and PS selects everything I DIDN'T paint…how can I fix this?

  4. Now that was a mothfull! LOL Thanks

  5. The car color change trick isn't working

  6. Thank you for sharing. The tips are really helpful.

  7. I got notes ones a lot of tips. tyvm <3

  8. This was super helpful, thanks!

  9. fuck Buzzfeed you shouldnt even mention them

  10. Very useful thanks – I like your style! Kinda "let's avoid the BS and get straight to it". Works for me!

  11. Hey Tutvideo, could you talk a little fastar??? I missed 90% of your fast talking car salesman type of "tutorial" and was hoping to miss 100%….can you help?

  12. From where do you get the photos from? The one in the thumbnail and 0:29 are pretty good

  13. Amazing tips. I added this video to one of my playlists I have especially for Photoshop to watch for later over and over again because I know I'm going to need these tips for many different projects in the future. Please keep making videos just like this. It is very useful and very good quality content as well. Please keep at it.

  14. Excellent but too speed. Thanks

  15. מהמם

  16. Very clear, Thanks

  17. Epic, but i had to rewind at least 6 times to understand what you were talking about. SLow down brother haha

  18. The most important thing is I felt that i'm listening to somebody who like to give and teach, thank you

  19. dude, love you, diserve subcribe !

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