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3 Awesome Easy Magic Tricks To Do At Home

#1: The Straw Spin Trick
#2: The Paper Tear Restore Trick
#3: The Toothpick Disappear Trick
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20 Comments on 3 Awesome Easy Magic Tricks To Do At Home

  1. lol a numbe 3 i had a toothpick on my thumb without knowing he would do it

  2. Really sorry you really good.

  3. Really sorry you really good

  4. Really sorry you really good

  5. The last trick looked cool

  6. stop being mean he did a good job

  7. Good vid kid dont listen to haters

  8. at 1:43 you can see the other tissue

  9. Will. Your not sutbid his sutbid 

  10. All of you are mine that boy is good and I love you

  11. What bad trick i know all tric stupid boy

  12. Richard Ferguson does all these tricks plus he's better

  13. We know you have nothing in that hand

  14. 2nd trick is very very boooooooooooooooooooring

  15. I don't know what is the first magic…but your so great

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