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3 Shaco Tricks – OP strategy for Solo Queue

Extra range for Q, faster recalling and OP Clone damage increase.
Almost noone knows them, and those can be the difference between snowballing or not. Enjoy!

PD: Check out Chinese Jester’s channel if you want an in-depth video about the long jump trick.


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45 Comments on 3 Shaco Tricks – OP strategy for Solo Queue

  1. Insert here any "bah, I already know these" comments so I can start handing out Cookies.
    [Be careful, tho, they could contain raisins instead of chocolate nuggets. BWAHAHAH]

  2. ahhh seems like great vid but very hard to understand what youre saying sometimes


  4. wow i rate this video. well done !

  5. when you're talking english try speak a bit slower 😛

  6. Invisible recall still working ??

  7. so do long jumps work like long range warding, it'll place you over so long as the actual range can reach more than halfway across the wall?

  8. Like i knew it, i'm watchin for new strategyes

  9. Hi there,

    Made some testing a few years ago for the last tip, and most of the item, even if activated/charged on shaco, wouldn't pop on the clone.
    He'd appears with the items working, but all discharged (especially sheen/statik).

    Has this been patched recently or something ? :3

    Thanks for the video anyway 🙂

  10. TF is wrong with your accent?

  11. Thank you! I never new those longer jump ones. 😀 you helped me alot.

  12. I think the first trick works for fiddlesticks' ult as well

  13. talk a bit more slower

  14. Ur shaco is trash come 1v1 me for 2 dollars ezzzz

  15. dude where are u from answer pls

  16. it's hard to understand your words.

  17. Why no one use shaco now

  18. You can also use teleport while invisible!

    Can i have 2 cookies?

  19. im almost sure herald doesnt work since the clone counts as an extra champ

  20. These "tricks" aren't worth mentioning. If any shaco player don't know these it's wasted effort to tell them anyways.

  21. hey bro I want to be a shaco main but my shaco mechanics are too low can I ask you some things for shaco

  22. Its the Best shaco Guide i have ever seen !!!!!!

  23. Dude these are extremely common tricks, you can even discover the first one yourself since it's basically a flash so flash tricks over walls apply to Shaco's q too.I guess everyone knows these tricks once he hit level 5 due to the experience but that may be just me. Anyway, this video will help completely newly shaco players so gj.

  24. uploaded on 24 march 2017 LOL?

  25. Give me cookie pls, and without raisins, if u have any left 😀

  26. The recall trick is also pretty fun to do with TP 🙂

  27. I used to be a Shaco main, and I've watched you and Shaclone forever. Since the first rework, I've felt that his burst has been cut so hard, and he isn't the assassin he used to be. This new bruiser build has a decent win rate, but that's not why I liked him. The tricks with Deceive, and the huge backstab numbers made me love him. RIP old friend.

  28. lol Nice vid subscribed. the dance at the end is sexy af.

  29. Already knew all of these and I don't main shaco lol

  30. why are you only plat if you know shaco so well

  31. then riot will nerf the range of shaco's Q

  32. Heeey , White Crow , you're still alive 😀 Nice to see you again ^^ thank for these usefull tips (even tho I already knew the first and last one :p )
    Hope I'll be able to see you on stream again (if you still stream ?)

  33. That last part kinda turned me on a bit , when you said we are sexy :))) JAJAJAJA


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