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4 Badass Tricks To Break Glass

Warning: techniques used in this video can be hazardous. Do not try at home.

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The fighter
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Tasty short,…

19 Comments on 4 Badass Tricks To Break Glass

  1. uh sorry to break it to you but the hitting the bottle on the top trick with water doesn't make an air bubble it makes a vacuum… yeah air wouldn't make the water hit it with force unless it was above it and very pressurized.

  2. People in Africa could have eaten this glass

  3. Where do you get one of those Rupert's drops?

  4. Imagine watching number 4 in 3D

  5. Haha .. Now i know how to burn bottles of tequila when i see people drunk XDD

  6. Learned nr 3 from pokemon

  7. Your teaching people how to break into a car…..

  8. i'm so clumsy i don't even need any badass tricks :-)))

  9. I tried the first. it wasn't successful, and now my hands are in pain.

  10. I can't do the first one

  11. Who would break glass anyway? Your parents would probably kill you.

  12. I got scared at the beginning  for a second XD

  13. I know just 1 more i say that at 2:00 i end at 3 to 4

  14. Now that's badass!

  15. I didn't know Glenn using that spark plug thing was actually true… If you're a walking dead game fan you'll understand.

  16. will the first trick only work on beer bottles?

  17. 1 and 3 is for ones who want to make a pencil holder.

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