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4 Tips And Tricks CONFIRMED To Beat A RIGGED Claw Machine! (Win Almost EVERYTIME From An E Claw!)

Please watch: “Found USED CONDOMS In The Claw Machine Prize Chute At The Arcade!!”


32 Comments on 4 Tips And Tricks CONFIRMED To Beat A RIGGED Claw Machine! (Win Almost EVERYTIME From An E Claw!)

  1. I haven't tried this yet but maybe someone else will or has. Maybe try stacking the items on top of each other first?

  2. I went on holiday and won a teddy i was over the moon xD

    Btw go on the ones that are like dogs or something there easier to grab

  3. that machine has a sensor that everytime it detected something is lifted by it's claw it will lossen the grip while in the middle of lifting so that the item will looks like it's too heavy by it's not.

  4. Congratulations on your three wins!
    Thank you for spending your quarters to show us a few tips!

  5. I won a cat stuffy ones i still have it

  6. Best Claw YouTube Channel on Earth

  7. These Statements are not backed by the FDA

  8. How to win at claw machine: Don't play it, and order the plushie you want for $2 on AliExpress.
    Edit: Free shipping in most cases on AliExpress! I got a giant Maneki Neko for $5. Would've cost $50 in Hot Topic.

  9. What is the point of this video?
    1. These are tips to win everytime.
    2. These are tips to win sometimes.
    3. Keep putting money in, because you can't win.

  10. I once won at a prize grabber without even putting in any quarters

  11. Whats the song playing on 0:43 ?

  12. My best tip is, if you only have one dollar, or one play, do not expect to win. Just leave it and save your money

  13. Tip:
    Get it from the string
    Not the toy itself

  14. honestly the other youtubers are not stupid

  15. I know a trick u get the claw on the prize u want then double tap the button quickly I won every time like that

  16. Love this vid man. I'm addicted to claw machines ????

  17. I must have good luck because mostly every try I get something, but this did help me with some tips 😀

  18. Are you nerd you goona brake the glass

  19. How to win any claw machine
    1: find a wild claw machine
    2: aim for a toy near the chute
    3: make the toy swing into the chute
    Boom instant plush

  20. "Win almost everytime" …… How many times did you actually win? This video is fake. Just like the machines.

  21. How to win almost every time. Has a 1 in 50 win record.

  22. I go to that arcade all the time

  23. Patriots footballs are easier to get because they have less air in them…

  24. this guy looks like a chipmunk

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