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Amazing and fast cleaning tricks and hacks for lazybones that will help you to make your house sparkle in no time!

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Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam:

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  1. Does it matter what kind of vinegar you use?

  2. nail-polish spills on carpet even if its dry and left for a few days or weeks WD-40 will get it right out, our daughter spilled it on the carpet in her bedroom and was to scared to tell us because she thought we would be mad at her. found it moving out day. We showered her how to clean it up in case it happened again, gave her a big hug afterwards.

  3. On Greasy stove filter is added something to the water, what is?

  4. What a great video with awesome and useful tips. Thank you!

  5. great help to every one

  6. Awesome Ideas! My only concern is with the utility knives cutting through the sponges and the persons fingers directly below the sponge! my recommendation is use a cutting board.

  7. Vraiment dommage que ce que ce ne soit pas en français un petit effort s'il vous plaît

  8. What liquid did you use to clean the jewelry?

  9. That one with the Lemon+Salt to clean Teflon© pan looks like a bad idea.

  10. PLEASE do not cut the sponge like this guy did! You could cut all the way through the sponge and cut your hand..

  11. Bradley, I love you & I always will.

  12. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww????

  13. What liquid is in that bottle? 11:24.

  14. Very good but music to loud !!!

  15. Неплохо, но музыкальное оформление мозг выносит.

  16. All good. Wd 40. Wow.getter done!

  17. Great tips, really useful thank you

  18. Candle wax on a painted wall to fill a hole?…. great UNTIL you want to REPAINT!

  19. I know I can't be the only one who was disappointed about no tips on removing blood stains from the trunk of car interior…?!?!

  20. I tried 'lemon' in the microwave, it didn't work and mine was not that dirty. It SHINES the sink Aluminum but it didn't really CLEAN it, though MAYBE it SOFTENED residue on the faucet for me?! I used Non-fume Easy Off in the Microwave and it worked fine.

  21. Is the toothpaste cleaning or just COVERING the dirty grout lines?

  22. At 11:30, it appears she just added water to a glass, dropped in jewelry and it was cleaned that way? I am sure I missed something, please clarify.

  23. Happy Birthday to your soon to be 2 yr old Little Brother. Hope you have a fun time.

  24. But what was in the glass with the necklace???.??.??

  25. Mmmm, soap smoothie

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