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42 IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks


Presentation assistance plugin:
Navigation basics:
Symbol lookup:
Find in path:
Search everywhere:
Working without mouse:
Working without editor tabs:
Autoscroll from/to source:
Create new file/folder:…

24 Comments on 42 IntelliJ IDEA Tips and Tricks

  1. Cmd + Y was the WORST hotkey for delete line, considering Windows users use it for redo… And people don't use import wildcards due to ambiguous types (java.awt.* and java.util.* both have List)

  2. Notes for myself

  3. Great presentation, thanks for that!
    I am switching from Eclipse to IntelliJ now after 10 years of working in Eclipse. This presentation helps a lot.

  4. Thanks for creating the best IDE out there guys!

  5. Really liked to see the keys power of IntelliJ.

  6. you don't use tabs ? Your loss.

  7. How do I close that JSON editor?

  8. I have a video that shows you how to install Java JDK and IntelliJ IDEA in under 4 min. You should watch it!

  9. Some small mistake at 13:55. I assume that a recommendation was 'auto scroll from source'.

  10. the product is fantastic, and the presentation is very interesting, but the speaker is too emotional – he often repeats himself (he says 5 times that he doesn't like tabs), he opens too many parenthesis, and when he scolded the audience "come on people be interactive" I was about to leave – he can talk like that to a friend or relative but not to a professional audience.

  11. 출퇴근시에
    증말 정말 진짜 좋아요

  12. 출퇴슨시에 익히는 motion very.1.23?

  13. Stop using the mouse…

  14. This kind of talk need to be cheered after each awesome trick is displayed . Like after "Help -> Productivity " tricks few should had stood up to give him standing ovation . 1 hour long talk with humorous catch lines in between is the kind of conference talk you pay ticket money for. @Hadi Hariri , by d way U said u r Spanish , but had an Indian touch .

  15. I've been using Eclipse for quite some time. After watching some Kotlin videos and this one, I am very pleased with this IDE. I am now an intellij user 🙂 Great video.

  16. Intellij is the best java editor ever…

  17. Nice, I like the dissection of parts in the description.

  18. superb !!
    very very helpful

  19. How will IntelliJ work on an iPad Pro? That's mind blowing.

  20. What was tool using for showing action and hotkey on the display?

  21. JetBrains IDEs are so great. 🙂 I still use tabs.. But in a very special way: better-touch-tool invokes cmd-[ (next Tab) when I "TipTap Right (1 Finger Fix)" on my touchpad.
    And a 3-Finger swipe left is mapped to "last edit location" (shift-cmd-arrowLeft).
    … and so on…

  22. I absolutely love this guy! He completely won me over at 24:50.

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