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50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In today’s video, I will show you over 50 tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Note 4 is an extremely feature rich device and I find something new everytime I sit down and play with this fantastic smartphone.

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30 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  1. Not serisi kalem ozelligi gzel.sarj cabuk bitiyr kullanisli tel.

  2. Bought a note today as spare phone. Great phone and I also have a S8 plus

  3. I just bought a used one for $153 on Amazon. Said, "lightly used". Looks like NEVER used. For real. Looks NIB. White with stylus and Samsung battery charged to 100%.
    I ordered a Zerolemon 1000mah battery, case, belt clip and screen protectors, a Zerolemon 3200 mah battery, and a remote battery charger.
    It came in about 16 hours after I ordered it. Must have been in the Miami warehouse.
    Waiting for the case and big battery before I put my Verizon sim car from my Droid Turbo in it.
    Will it work?
    The last Edge Cellular phone (a Droid Turbo 2) looked brand new too. It was perfect EXCEPT the Blue Tooth was 100% broken. Techs said to send it back. Always something.

    However, that fault could be my huge luck. I did some more research and found out about the Note 4 with REPLACEABLE BATTERIES!!! WOOO HOO! Bigger screen, etc.
    I can not wait until tomorrow and I will be checking all the functions. This phone does 100X more things than any of my Motorola phones.

    Going to watch and save this video.

  4. 2019 and still here

  5. My NOTE 4 does not have Home screen under Device.

  6. I can't edit my vids properly using video editor i add pics but did not save the pics teach me teach me TEACH MEEEEEEEE (punches in face)

  7. It´s still a great phone today in August 2018 regardless.

  8. How can sitting svoice galaxy note 4

  9. Getting another one on 8/4/2018. Finally getting rid of my iPhone SE. Wanted a Note 8, but cost too much. Had a Note 4 couple of years ago, got this Note 4 cheap. If I strike it big, yeah I'll get a Note 8 or 9…

  10. How do you send a pic from gallery to send in a text?

  11. I bought a refurbished one, but te battery turning of when it come to 60% any advices?

  12. Still using mine, the best

  13. 2018 and still using it, one of the best phone ever, i don't have a reason to update to S9+ or anything atall.

  14. Got my note 4 today and i love it haha

  15. Teach me how to get that clock widget, so beautiful ????

  16. Great demo. video… lots of great work to do this presentation. Very well done. Thank you. Keep it up…..

  17. How can you personalize a contact and add a ring tone?

  18. Great Tutorial, much thanx. 😉

  19. I think this video is by far the best I have seen! I can't believe all the dislikes. What have those people done to create anything other than criticize ?

  20. Its almost the end of 2017 and this device is still amazing

  21. I have been using this phone since a year and today after watching this video i get to know about these amazing my Note 4

  22. This was really helpful

  23. 2017 note 4 still go one of the best phone

  24. Excellent tutorial. Thank you.

  25. Who still has this phone now?

  26. this video help me alot

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