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50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″

In this video, I will share over 50 tips, tricks and features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inches. This is a feature rich tablet so let’s see everything we can do.

Tab S2 in Gold:

Tab S2 in Black:

Tab S2 in White:

Stand used in this video:

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23 Comments on 50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″

  1. Thanks for the video it is great

  2. But I got a problem to connect Tab S2 to Tv for Screen Mirroring or Use USB Cable How To Do It?
    Anybody out there wants to assist can reply me, Thanks Many2.

  3. I haven't got mode on my camera, just has selfie, beauty, food & sports thats all, nothing else, not in settings either…ur settings are different to mine too…i haven't got personal either…and when im watching a video & i want to stop it, iv got to tap the hell out of it…doesn't respond for 10 seconds of tapping…why ? I loved ur video ???? i learned a lot thanku ????‍♀️⚘

  4. I no that alredy boooooo

  5. I moved all my media files to SD CARD how can I move my media back to my internal storage?

  6. Thanks so much. I have the Tab S2 8.0 and these tips translate. In fact, they also translate to my Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus phone. Greatly appreciate your videos! And so well written and produced!

  7. Really informative video. However, I just bought one on June 4, 2018, and the layout of the Settings interface seems to have changed considerably. That makes considerably harder to navigate using the current video.

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would assume everything in this visit video also applies to the 8-inch tablet.

  9. Will the s pen work on galaxy tab s2 if I buy it seperately… Please confirm

  10. Help!!! que S pen or Stylus that really works with this tablet ??

  11. your tab do not have front camera

  12. Was playing around and when I get on Chrome the internet that I'm using for some reason or another I lose all my folders at the top at Google I don't know how to get to the other folders I've got there they're at the very top of the page you got other sites that you can jump into while they're gone I don't know how it happened do please help me get them back thank you my email is thank you for your help on this

  13. I just bought this tablet, switching from Apply to Android. This was very helpful.

    I have one question that was not mentioned here. There is a text to speech function that I really loved on Apple.

    For an Apple device, all I had to do was turn the function on in accessibility and swipe down from the top of the screen to have it read aloud any text on the webpage, book, news article and it would read the text in full. It was a very useful feature.

    I have found the setting in accessibility on the Samsung tablet, but can not find any instruction on how to actually USE it

  14. please Follow me on Instagram username – muhd amhar

  15. Hugely helpful, many thanks.

  16. Who knew?! Love your reviews, very thorough and well presented. Thanks.

  17. one of the best reviews I've come across the hairy arm was a bit distracting lol but lovely review thank you

  18. When I go to the notification menu "edit" doesn't show. Why??????

  19. Really glad Nougat is now available as Marshmellow was horrible

  20. Thanks brother, excellent video A+

  21. Does this tablet having s voice

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