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50+ Tips & Tricks for the LG G6

In this video, sakitech will share over 50+ tips and tricks for the LG G6.

LG G6 is one of the most feature rich android smartphones in 2017, and it is essential to uncover all the tips, tricks and hidden features of this brilliant phone.

Let’s dive in and master the LG G6.

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36 Comments on 50+ Tips & Tricks for the LG G6

  1. I have lg g4 is ok to upgrade to g6?i like my g4 camera lg g6 had better?i compare g4 with a g6 and i think g4 had more detailed camera

  2. How did I go from watching masonic illuminati secrets to this I am intrigued ????????

  3. Great Info all the way! Thank you sir!

  4. Hi all, does anyone happen to know what are those plastic lines on the sides? One line on each of the sides and bottom, and two of them on the top.

  5. Just got the LG G6 had a V20,G4, and G2 mostly all of these was on the previous phones ???? love LG miss the IR blaster

  6. I have a lg g6 yaya

  7. Hmmmm, my Lg6 does not have alot of these screens or the explore function.

  8. After a few months my charger wont stay in the phone. Anyone else have this problem? My bro said the S9 does the same thing. Bye bye watching YT while charging in bed…gotta charge wireless now

  9. Please, no "pictures of your food"…

  10. Most of these are just android features, every phones has data limit. I was expecting tips that are only available on the G6

  11. Very nicely explained

  12. I love you man, just changed from my lg g4 and a there's a lot of things going on, you brought order into my chaos

  13. Camera sharper than screen.

  14. I want to watch a video about g6's not androids in general uhhhh

  15. Just got oreo 8.0 on my g6

  16. im looking for a upgrade for my Huawei P9 Lite, im thinking about the LG G6. Is that a good option right now? (may 2018) Or should i buy an other phone?

  17. Did the phone got oreo update

  18. Che laucher sta usando???

  19. The theme you are using is so ugly.

  20. if lg g6 and g6+ is have the same tips likes this

  21. Hi Saki, Is there a way to make caller ID photo full screen? or even half screen? anything instead of this tiny circle. This is driving me crazy lol. There must be a way?? I love my LGG6 and thank you for this great video.

  22. Is there a fast way to start the flashlight when the screen is off?

  23. very nice and helpful vid!

  24. Should I trade my lg 4g for LG g6

  25. very educational thanks

  26. Very well prepared, bravo.

  27. Thanks for all the handy information ????

  28. Getting the G6 tomorrow! These tips are nice to know.

  29. Does it have LED Notification light?

  30. Excellent review. Thank you. I have the G6 and I'm happy with its features. However, it is slippery when picked up, feel some vibration when speaker is on, uncomfortable to grip in hand, cartoonish contacts UI and a bit heavy. On the other hand, has a good camera, easy setting to navigate, fine options and a good battery with fast charging.

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