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7 Google Drive Tips & Tricks You're Probably Not Using

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This video tutorial will show you 7 tips and tricks to get more out of Google Drive. For one tip I say the word “zed” that’s my Canadian for “z”:)

0:24 OCR in Google Drive
2:58 Searching images in Google Drive
4:28 Scan using the Google Drive App
5:38 Sending a PDF link – replace ending with export?format=pdf
7:36 Creating a new instance of a folder or file in Google Drive (shift + z)

35 Comments on 7 Google Drive Tips & Tricks You're Probably Not Using

  1. For one tip I say the word "zed" that's my Canadian for "z":)

  2. I like Google drive

  3. Brilliant tips! Thanks Jamie.

  4. This is crazy!!! Hahahaha!!

  5. Awesome demonstration

  6. great video. not some simple basic tips but some great tips here

  7. Very helpful! Somebody asked, but didn’t see an answer, how are you sharing screen, particularly the phone?

  8. This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    There is a huge number of things Google does, I want nothing whatever to do with. That includes all of their tools.

    Does anybody believe that a company like Google that saves out every search performed on their DNS servers (the original reasons for Google’s existence) is going to somehow create a situation where everything you do with their tools and servers, is somehow secure and safe…

    … from examination by Google? Anybody? I mean come on, anybody?

  9. Thank you. Very useful info. BTW, I need some advise. Will you please send me how did you prepare this youtube video to my email I mean how screenshots are overlaid with your face. Which SW you have used? Thank you.

  10. I really appreciated the Shift Z tip! Excellent for sharing files to team drives etc!

    Can you give me some advice for making sensitive files secure in your personal Drive. I work in a G Suite enterprise and people within my enterprise can search for and find files within the enterprise. Is there a way to place all sensitive files in the one location and restrict their ability to be found and seen?

  11. Google: "A safe place for all your files" hahaha. With direct access for spy's from NSA, CIA etc. Perfect to store all our sensitive data.

  12. so happy i took the time to watch the whole video. thanks for putting this together!!

  13. Very good video. I learned a lot. Thanks.

  14. Warning for everyone thinking about using team drives: Shift + Z does not yet work there.

  15. haha, right out of the chute, when I right-click a random text-containing .JPG image file in my Google Drive, and select Open With > Google Docs, it fails with a "This File is Too Large" error. There's a "Learn More" link which leads to a resource summarizing that type of files (and their size limits) you can store in Drive, none of which pertains to the problem.
    Seems you've landed on cutting-edge tech that even Google barely supports and (as is typical Google) forgot to document at all.

  16. I saved a jpeg file from camera roll into google drive, opened it with google docs – No ocr. What is wrong?

  17. You have no idea how HUGE this is!!!! Deserved my sub

  18. Thanks for your tips. What program do u use to record your screen? The recording Looks really great.

  19. Again thank you for those great tips. I have a link to a file that I share on the internet. And when the user clicks that link they can view the file on my Google Drive. Which is what I want the user to do. What I do not want the user to see is the folder name. is it possible to hide a folder name while making a file in that folder public to the Web?

  20. Thank you for those great tips.

  21. Timed expiration doesn't appear on my docs or folders, is this a G Suite extra?

  22. Excellent, thank you very much for your clear lessons. It'll be helpful if you can slow down a bit but I understand the time constraint. Not a problem anyway as I just pause and playback.

  23. Nice tips and video..

  24. Hi good day
    As a humble request please can you make a video or a series of videos on how to use Windows specifically Windows 10 I'm a new user and confused????.
    Thank you

  25. 11:15 this option still working?

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