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8 Awesome Google Assistant Tricks You Must Try (2017)

In this video i am going to show you 8 awesome google assistant tricks which you may not know.

Google Assistant is a very powerful tool and now it is the new name for the personalized voice assistant. There are lots of awesome stuff which you can do without even touching your Android device, but not all uses are aware with true potential of google assistant and that’s exactly what i am going to show you guy’s.

In this video i am going to show you some really useful tricks and commands…

38 Comments on 8 Awesome Google Assistant Tricks You Must Try (2017)

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  3. Thanks for giving this fatastic ideas

  4. I like this killer phone

    I have a J7 ????

  5. You are good man and nice video upload I'm share 8 awesome Google assistant tricks video with my friend's

  6. Say… i like siri to Google assistant….????????

  7. during watching the video when he said ok Google my google assistant window came

  8. I cant unlock my phone…its just on the screen to draw pattern!!

  9. Even if almost all toggles in notification shade can be controlled by google assistant, It's not possible to turn on mobile data. Why? Or is there any way to teach Google Assistant to turn on mobile data?

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  11. Unlock phone not working on xiomi

  12. Please speake right english

  13. just awesome tricks…

  14. Mario pineda 197666299

  15. sir how can i remove google search bar from my phone (phone mi A)1

  16. 4:10
    when I asked, it shows answer in text, how to get answer in voice mode

  17. Sir mere phone me option nahi aa raha hai google detection ka plz sir bata dijiye

  18. Good day, when i ask "whats the meaning of assistant?" My google assistant gave an answer but it doesn't speak up, any fix?

  19. Let's admit that apple is starting to get behind.

  20. Hi, can we unlock phone by saying Ok google in Android Marshmallow?

  21. trusted voice is not turning on plz help

  22. When you said OK Google Google assistant started

  23. Lol when u say ok Google my assistance also started????

  24. You still have tho Tuch your device to unlock your phone!!
    Google assistant will unlock your phone but not wake it… So fingerprint is much better

  25. Thank you for a useful video. When I use Google assistant on my Lenovo A 7700, it will turn the flashlight on briefly and it was then switch off. Also there is no way to turn on the hotspot. I am not also able to turn on Google Assistant from any screen. I have to go to the home screen and then say Ok Google. My other device which has got Android 6 but does not have Google assistant works for better in responding With The Legacy Google Now service. Can you please advise how to turn on Google Assistant from any screen? I have browsed various forums and also looked at Google product forums but there is absolutely no support. Thank you for your help

  26. When I ask to open any app and it keeps searching and not opens the app I asked

  27. for Redmi note 3 does not work the unlocking of screen

  28. I turn on my trusted voice and it still doesn't unlock my screen tips?

  29. when u said ok Google my assistant was oned

  30. my device is not unlocking by my show password???

  31. Does anybody know what icon pack he's using?

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