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8 CSGO PRO TIPS – Counter-Strike Global Offensive

8 Pro CSGO Tips for new players that will help you to improve and become better at the game. CHEAP GAMES: Use code FRAGS for a discount!

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26 Comments on 8 CSGO PRO TIPS – Counter-Strike Global Offensive

  1. Telling us to buy expensive equipment for a $15 dollar game how do you expect this from some poor boys lmao

  2. did u know that if ur looking at someone and ur in a smoke u can see them on the radar

  3. Tip:2 Im watching you xD

  4. Tip 2 : watching other player /// Im watching your right now.

  5. How to troll youtube

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  6. When I was started csgo, I hated it because I could not hit anything(unrank recoil control 101) then after learning stuff like strats, recoil control and “communicating” with teammates I have gotten A LOT better.

  7. A rungunning guy that peeks mid with the knife out,assuming that nobody is there, is telling me to watch every spot, even if its an uncommon spot and not assume that nobody is behind the cover.Interesting

  8. I started playing 1 day ago, I can confidently say that my COD skills translate well into the silver bracket of CSGO. Push hard and flank seems to work wonders for this bracket. (I know silver is the lowest lol)

  9. buy a knife to intimidate the enemies.

  10. Skin not affect skills

  11. Practice makes progress not perfect btw luv ur vid

  12. Damn, never forget the maps that valve ruins.

  13. What's your mouse hertz tho?

  14. well that hep me a lots
    good video

  15. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  16. How does your gun shoot so accurately whenever I shoot with the ak while crouching its spread is horrible and then people shooting my head kill me instantly but when I shoot their head they dont die

  17. Tip #10 use hacks

  18. An important thing to learn is how to peek on the maps and with the weapons

  19. I play on a 59hz cheap hdtv so I crank my graphics up

  20. YOU DON'T NEED A PC FROM NASA for CS, don't say shit !! i have a 740M for my graphic card, on a portable computer ! and you absolutely don't need 120fps, around 60 is pretty good.

  21. mouse accel is what gives me an advantage.

  22. Jack how many knife do u have? Ur knife always changed every match, can i have 1? :v

  23. Meh I have a problem with this tutorial. These are very "general" tips. By that I mean these tips can translate in to any fps. Really this tutorial should have more technical tips specific to CS such as peeking, controlling recoil, economy, weapon mechanics etc…

  24. These aare not great tips.

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