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8 Hidden Chrome Features & Tricks 2018 | Google Chrome Tips & Tricks |

Google’s Chrome for Android provides a commendable browsing experience out of the box — but if you know where to look, you can unlock extra features that’ll make it even more effective.

Android app of Google Chrome has few hidden tricks up its sleeve that can enhance user experience. So here is a list of top 10 Hidden tricks of Google chrome that will surely enhance your productivity.

[Chrome Tricks 2018]

1- Turn on the Modern UI

2- Tap a…

22 Comments on 8 Hidden Chrome Features & Tricks 2018 | Google Chrome Tips & Tricks |

  1. Thank you for sharing tricks

  2. What is that drawing board thing called?

  3. Awesome video????

  4. Hey bro can u pls help I have a galaxy tab 7 super copy . and I rooted it. I have flash it but I can't find it regular android 6.0 file for this tab . pls help

  5. Your Voice Is Awsome Bro!! Soooo Clearrrrr!!

  6. You guys are awesome
    Really some tricky tricks ????????

  7. the flag and the one to switch 2 tabs are not known to md

  8. One more to add. Horizontal tabs like Android P . chrome://flags #enable-horizontal-tab-switcher

  9. The only unknown one was that force home button..btw great video ..????

  10. Home button was awesome

  11. Cool video bro know I can brag about these features among my friends

  12. Great video! Most of this tricks I was known but not split tabs! It's amazing function! Sadly, I haven't got a Android Nougat so I can't try and use this. But soon I'll buy Nokia 6.1 (2018) with Oreo from box and then I'll could. Thanks for this video!

  13. Bro allover the video is good but you should try something new and the best is android customizations So should work on this

  14. Cool video
    but One of your trick was to load things faster and you titled it "increase load time" ????

  15. Thanks bro awesome video ???? and pleas make a video on best Android widgeds

  16. Huh like always best crisp

  17. Good video bro keep it up

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