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Here are 8 INSTANT WAYS TO LOOK MORE ATTRACTIVE! These tips and tricks will instantly make you look and feel more attractive, pretty, beautiful, and confident. *Beauty is NOT the most important thing!* BUT – we all love to look and feel our best – so I hope these tips and tricks to looking more “attractive” are helpful! 🙂






  1. You look like Scarlet Witch from Avengers lol You go gurl

  2. what if ur not allowed to get ur eyebrows done

  3. Would you share a link to your inexpensive nude heels?

  4. This video is the reason schools have banned girls from showing their shoulders

  5. Getting off your phone is the most thing I agree! I really hate someone always looking on their phone I think it's rude.

  6. Leah tvery made fun of you in a video. Ignore her. She's a terrible person. You're really awesome.

  7. I can't even make a eye contact and I can't even say a single word when I'm in a middle of a crowd. Lols. IM SOCIAL ACKWARD / SOCIAL ANXIETY

  8. I don't know how to fill in my brows. Sooo….ugly it is.

  9. You have the most attractive collar bone ????????

  10. "let your hair down-"
    me, a girl who has really short hair: excuse me?

  11. Her: Looking gorgeous in heels
    Me: Falls in front of whole class in heels

    Me: Huh

  12. is this a serious video ? i cant tell lmao ????

  13. Truth about all these…BUT the Hollywood look salon tailored women in the 50s to their strengths. So go your type…amplify. long hair is one of those distance things marilyn and grace kelly hated. Good tips though.

  14. Oh my goodness you are amazing. The editing is so great. I’ve been binging today and this is my first comment. Had to thank you for the get off the phone comment. It’s soooooo true and such a pet peeve of mine. Thankuou for doing this, being honest, and being who you are !

  15. I clicked on the wrong video.

  16. to all the girls out there that are making smartypants comments and just mocking her or whatever you're doing or being negative why are you even watching her why comment at all if you're not interested then why are you here I don't get it people are so rude these days not kind not positive and negative negative negative so sick of it I was truly shocked when I read down to the comment something I never do ,wow she's such a nice person doesn't matter whether you think her advice is good or not don't watch her I think she's a sweetheart it doesn't matter whether I'll use all her advice or not but she's got some good ideas not all of them suit me but hey who cares

  17. Great advice! Hope i can more attractive in my videos by applying your tips.hope to hear from you

  18. Yeah because we all want are feet to hurt 24/7

  19. I did it thx I love your channel and it’s my first time

  20. what if ur poor or 12 and ur parents won’t buy u heels

  21. No matter what size you are, wear clothes that fit– number size does not matter! And invest in tailoring. You always look better when your clothes fit your body.

  22. ???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? 🙂

  23. “Wear nude high heels”
    Me:* is taller than most guys already at school*
    Me: why do I have to be tall?
    Also me: a tomboy
    Also me: u-g-l-y

  24. I wear them with GUCCI bags. I don't I'm not that rich I was talking about her????????

  25. my hair don’t do shit sksjskks

  26. Once again, strange side of Youtube. Long hair and no makeup is fine by me. Or short hair. Whatever.

  27. Isn't it sad that you tubers feel the need to explain themselves or almost apologize for their content, especially here when it is so far from being offensive, harmful or negative in any way. Keep doing you and being positive

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