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8 Simple Life Hacks

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32 Comments on 8 Simple Life Hacks

  1. Where are you from???

  2. Dyi prison shank pencil razor.

  3. c bien mis à part la bouteille de coca c'est trop dangereux !!!

  4. I think Islam would love the WD40 and coke so they can make it into bomb 😛

  5. That fuckin music is shithouse

  6. hey kids, even you can make a shiv with your shiv!

  7. Fucking music ????

  8. Nice but not satisfied…??????

  9. 快点放快速手劈

  10. haha wtf 😀 the coca cola-wd40-lighter gas-mix converts to ultimate turbo rocket :'-D oh man I'm crying

  11. Tricks for a poor people.

  12. Space X propellant in a bottle!

  13. 5:22 WD40 and Coke starts.

  14. you came for 5:23 cheers

  15. O vídeo é bom, mas tenta assistir com um fone de ouvidos.

  16. Is that butane fuel in the coke rocket?

  17. Я у мамы изобретатель епт

  18. Most of your hacks are pretty cool though the homemade Exacto knife? Looks like an accident waiting to happen. And why would you use toothpaste to clean the side of a sneaker's sole when you could just as easily use the same toothbrush with a bar of soap (or dishwashing liquid)? I'm not disputing the result only that is seems almost counter-intuitive to use toothpaste.

  19. Rocketman……trump will hunt you down

  20. Don't coil up any electrical cables like that……you will f..k them up

  21. i went fucking brain dead from this vid

  22. paper clips to tie cables are unnecessary. the cables are curling themselves

  23. for 1080p movies…Thor Ragnarok…. Star Wars…..Mother……Maze Runner….The Giver… and more!!!

  24. Incredible. Thanks for posting these ingenious tips.Amazing

  25. Omg.. what to do if u have dirty boots? Just clean it… Extra life hacks!…

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