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8 tips and tricks for the CDJ2000 and CDJ2000 nexus

This video is mostly for people who are too lazy to read the manuel but there are some undocumented features shown as well.

P.S. Excuse me looking like a beaten dog. I lack the cameraman (or woman) to cheer me up.

Go to Girl (Adilyn’s Mix) by snowflake (by-cc)
In The Deep Night (Drinking and Smoking Remix 2012) by Official_Nc_Fx (by-cc)
Rescue Me by L4M (by-cc)
The Deaken – Lame Lovin (

36 Comments on 8 tips and tricks for the CDJ2000 and CDJ2000 nexus

  1. you sound so dead inside, jeeez

  2. very engaging voice! 🙂

  3. tnx these are really usefull!!

  4. Does anyone know the outro song?

  5. Any tip for getting rid of the stupid jog bend dead zone?

  6. The tipp at 5:00 just saved my first gig as I'm used to it to do it that way. Thanks a lot sir!

  7. i beg you to buy some deck savers

  8. Hi my cdj2000nexus Don't show that Big nice Track wave,first time on
    nexus,I've used 2000's non nexus before,Don't know why,If someone
    knows?please share the secret?Thanks.,

  9. how to make a beat repeat effcet i mean like a rise up and wish cdj the best ?

  10. With what Software did You Record your Mac Screen and Did you use iMovie to Edit the Video? or Something else?
    Very Nice Video btw..!


  12. Hi Kid Ali…How Do yo Get The Jog Wheel on the CDJ 2000 To Turn red

  13. thanks! very nice ticks

  14. Clean you decks looks very dirty! btw nice tutorial

  15. learn to SPEAK! dislike!

  16. Wow, really handy – thanks bro!

  17. NICE Sharing (y) Two Thumb (y)

  18. And they say DJ's have no Character.

  19. I have insomnia and always watch this video to fall asleep

  20. thx a lot ,  i learn couple things 🙂

  21. and the letter jump mode….. thanks

  22. thanks for the the faster serch…

  23. dude your voice-.-

  24. Great vid man cheers dude


  26. dude you are hilarious, thanks for the info!!

  27. i have cdj 2000 nexus…how can  do you change the led light on da spinner like you?/

  28. what is that mix name

  29. this is a good video man, keep them comming

  30. i dunno man, when he said "pimp your record box" I laughed a bit

  31. dude, thanks for the tips on track searching, I was getting really tired of spinning that rotary encoder

  32. Don't pay attention to those negative remarks. Its a good vid, clear voice and lots of useful information. Thank you for this 🙂 and keep it up. Thumbs up (Y)

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