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9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity!

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Music in the video are songs I created.

Song #1: Over Rain

Song #2 Soul Switch Remix – Will be available soon

All of these tricks take advantage of static electricity. In general, the lower the humidity, the better these tricks will work. The most…

32 Comments on 9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity!

  1. What can we use other than pvc pipe

  2. Thanks for guidance me

  3. I use your all trick in my school


  5. Yup this are used on magic tricks? ???? ???? ????

  6. Sorry your face is looking soo beautiful

  7. A cloth and pipe can be used for magic!

  8. Love you to your tricks

  9. This is really cool

  10. That intro was something out of a horror movie.

  11. it is not pvc pipe Harry Potter's Magic Bar.

  12. I think this is fake because mine did not work

  13. Which cloth are you using? Please reply because I am having activity based on this

  14. It was awesome but it was not work

  15. What is in that towel

  16. Your face is very cute and I like your Viedo

  17. See this magnetic compass built at home

  18. Would u plz explain what these activities shows to us

  19. So pls tell me which cloth want to use

  20. I use normal cloth but it didn't work and it failed

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