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9 Useful Time-Saving PowerPoint Tricks (for Beginners)

Learn 9 useful time-saving tricks in PowerPoint.
In this video Ramgopal shares tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Trick to select a word or paragraph quickly
2. Copying an object quickly and accurately
3. Smart copy trick
4. Creative use of Autocorrect options
5. Picture Crop trick for full-page photos
6. Trick when using an Autoshapes multiple times
7. Saving time with Quick Access Toolbar
8. Finding a tool fast + Smart Lookup (PowerPoint 365)
9. Switching between Windows…

15 Comments on 9 Useful Time-Saving PowerPoint Tricks (for Beginners)

  1. Yet another excellent video from Mr Ramgopal. He is the best on the subject

  2. Really awesome Tutorial

  3. Nice topic.thanks

  4. Sir, please keep a competition or contest for people. The contest can be designing PowerPoint templates using imagination. Let the winners get the price. It can be discounts for packs, or you may sell their ppt templates

  5. The video is fantastic,thank you so much. you're the best.'

  6. Sir where are you live

  7. Nice tips sir.. can u put video on shortcut for frequently used items like text box, crop, fill colour ofcourse deadly needed rectangle tool.

  8. Great video as usual ! Thank you!

  9. I would like to watch your tutorial on Morph. Do you have any?
    I have seen some but you explain much much better. You are a great teacher.

  10. Thank you so much sir for your valuable support. God bless you and all your near and dear ones.

  11. Thanks sir ramgopal… I like your name and your voice and the way you say your name 😀

  12. registered for free videos

  13. Great Video Ramgopal sir.????????????????????????????. Loved your ppt in packs

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