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Add Start Menu to Windows 8 Today! NCIX Tech Tips

Wish Windows 8 had a start menu? Well now it has the best one ever!

Visit to install.


20 Comments on Add Start Menu to Windows 8 Today! NCIX Tech Tips

  1. we love all the bugs we love all the bullshits we love all un-programming environment #fuckyouwindows  to make my work harder and harder

  2. I think "Enable Start Button" enables or disables the Windows 8.1 start button that comes with the os.

  3. ooops!  Hard to stay focused (get it) with so much happening so fast..  bloops are cool..

  4. Why would I want to add a start menu to Windows 8 when Windows 7 already comes with one?

  5. Too long? 1 min tutorial in my channel

  6. Why the fuck is the video so quiet? I can't hear shit. Is my youtube fcking up or is this happening for everyone? It's not happenning with other videos and I've tried opening in a new tab.

  7. We love the UI? The UI is one of the worst things about Windows 8.

  8. How do you change it back?

  9. classicshell is beast

  10. Stardock Star8 is better. It actually looks like what a windows 8 start menu would look like. It's a paid program but lets just say that there are plenty of places where you can get it on "sale".

  11. it didn't work……..

  12. you talk to fast and I have no clue where you downloaded this,  Its like you teach for only those who are tech smart.  where do i download? nineeight? cant find it

  13. How much did Microsoft pay you to say all those good things about Windows 8?
    Windows 8 is the shittiest shit Microsoft has ever released. They're just trying to push this crap on people without even asking them if they want it.

    I'm going to keep using my good old Windows 7 for as long as I can (or as long as Windows 9 without this metro – or should I say retro? – is released)

    For goodness sake stop fooling people into buying this shit!

  14. So are you going to help us get the start menu? Said so much not one time you said let's get the start up menu on your desktop. 

  15. Somehow you forgot to give us information on how to FIND this!!! PLUS you rattle on WAY TOO FAST for the "Mams" out here!

  16. hi

    what website is he talking about to download the start menu?

  17. HP – Hi i start As fast as 1 seconds
    TOSHIBA – lets take forever 3 minst later finaly :/ this was a wast Hp starts faster WHY?

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