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All Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With iOS 9 Entire List

All Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With iOS 9
List of All Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 9 Jailbreak :
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20 Comments on All Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With iOS 9 Entire List

  1. man yourrrr awesome thanks for the cydia tweets list broooo
    and do you know any tweet icon privacy i mean i wanna look my apps ex. msgs, facebook like that … let me know huh.

  2. Is Kodi now compatible now ? Please reply

  3. Can I still do it even tho I'm on iOS 9.1 ?

  4. +iDeviceHelp how can u mirror screen like that

  5. My Cydia keeps crashing the first time I got it help

  6. Thx man your the best I liked every videos ?

  7. The description of the video: "Lydia"

  8. Is anyone having probs with the new jailbreak?

  9. Funny it says ifile flawlessly but it sent my device into an endless reboot

  10. I'm on iOS 9.1, can I downgrade to iOS 9.0?

  11. Link tunes for iOS 8 works on iOS 9

  12. great video? and can you tell me if FakeCarrier is working on the jailbreak? please and thank you (:

  13. How can I see my tweaks on settings

  14. preferenceloader was just updated so most stuff works bc u can change it in settings.

  15. i dont see Bioprotect in the list.

  16. dude pls help me out my cydia substrate wont install it says error (2)

  17. great video bro keep it up… ?

  18. Downloaded watusi (which states as supported in the list, but unsupported in cydia) and i stuck in bootloop! Now im restoring my iphone 6 again

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