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28 Comments on AngularJS Tutorial: [#2] Installation and Set Up – Getting Started with AngularJS

  1. I have visited this Article first time and I got a lot of informative data from here which is quite helpful for me indeed. click here:

  2. Check out this post for setting up Angular on your machine

  3. can someone explain what he is 8:50 or what this is action called

  4. can not believe angualr doesnt offer the cdn option in its doc;s,,ive just installed with npm…. any idea what the difference is?

  5. so "SQL" is called "Sequel" but "PHP" isn't called "Phillip"? While we're at it, who likes "Hot TaMaLes"?

  6. Thank you for this walkthrough! But god… I hate front-end shit… 234234 things just to be able to start

  7. The video is misleading and there is no clarity on the steps to be followed.

  8. Thank You for the tutorial. awesome videos Great job.

  9. Is this same for windows10?

  10. Get the course files! is not working ?

  11. Can I use a server other then WAMP on Windows

  12. Finally not an indian guy

  13. Nice video… Thank you Ryan

  14. Hi! Tried all your steps. But I try to browse getting error that can not connect to server. I am trying URL http://localhost:80/ng-cribs. Please let me know how I can know what port is server deployed and also how I can make sure if server is up? I am new to angularjs.

  15. How did you do the boiler plate? mine adds additional opening tag at the beginning annoying…

  16. script tags should go above the body

  17. Hi i like your post can u please suggest me which background music are u using for this video

  18. I am having problems with the download of wampserver , any other alternatives?

  19. Thank you so much. I'm learning angular with yours videos!

  20. Hi i got the tomcat page is display but cant display the message. Requested resource is not available.

  21. nice, its very clear, thank you

  22. Very Good communication. Clear and concise. Thank you Ryan

  23. When I click on "app.js" under page source – New tab opens but nothing shows up. I have added app.js with below but nothing is shown in browser. Can you suggest why ?
    angular.module('ngpwd', ['ui.bootstrap']);

  24. nice tutorial. pls use pop filter 🙂

  25. Hi,
    one thing that which I couldn't understand that "what was the need of adding bootstrap libs here in this demo?".

  26. Hi, I am using wamp64, i am not able to find htdocs inside wamp64. Should i have to place ng-cribs under different folder for wamp64 ?

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