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26 Comments on Asio4All Troubleshooting / Set Up TUTORIAL — Asio Drivers Windows

  1. this was very informative but i am still not where i need to be. 98 ms latency and im hearing some pops and crackling in my mic… Im still troubleshooting though and a friend will help me this week so Im on my way. This got me a few steps closer so thank you for the video

  2. Thank you the first trick worked for me. I had my maschine as an output in the midi page. Everything went back to normal and ASIO works again. Thank you again

  3. Thanks, buddy! You're the only one who helped on this!

  4. Man i have to figure out this asio is not availeble on mixcraft 8 please help me i dont deal with drivers

  5. thanks man!! it works

  6. Hello please i need help my sound is not coming out.. Please can you help me out on Ableton live?

  7. What if I'm not using a DAW, and either just have my audio interface connected (ASIO already installed) with my guitar going straight through it, or even have an amp sim software (e.g. Bias Amp — which doesn't require a DAW to use), — will simply having the driver installed automatically make it the default when I use either my interface by itself or with the amp sim software (with no DAW), or would I still have to select it somehow in order to make sure the interface (and/or amp sim) is using that as opposed to the Windows driver??

    ..The answer to this never really explained. It's always assumed you will be using a DAW! I swear, if/when I finally learn all this stuff I'm gonna make it a point to do the job that the proprietors of these software and interface products simply have not done, particularly for those noobs like me! — and explain it in the way necessary for even beginning novices to understand! yeesh! ..I'm finding I have to become an outright sound engineer and IT tech just to be able to understand the basic operation of these components and their applications! It's not that I'm too dumb to understand; it's just that it's never explained properly, the answers to thee most intuitive and basic of questions!

  8. my mic still has a red cross on it… fml

  9. It is necessary to check the box "background reading" in your DAW settings when you configure Asio4all. Otherwise you can only hear the sound of your D.A.W. Hope it's gelp….

  10. Helped me a ton, thanks!

  11. I am surprised that they don"t have a tutorial for programming M-Audio Delta 44 into windows 2000 XP in order to record and tell you how to configure your computer

  12. Thanks a lot bro. This really helped me out 🙂

  13. Finally found a troubleshoot and it's 6 years old.

  14. nice video, i was looking for more vids on virtual cables, this video was informative and funny!!

  15. Super FUckin USEFUL. THANK YOU

  16. Thanks! Was finally able to get sound out my speakers!

  17. ahaha dude your lack of sleep high if fucking hilarious

  18. hey what's da deal with focusrite drivers they suk

  19. no sound coming from my USB audio device even when selected as only output in Ableton's ASIO4ALL panel… the monitors are green as if sound was playing but no sound is coming from the device. can anyone help?

  20. I record with cool edit pro an I use focusrite 2i4 interface with asio4all but I still get messed up latency does anybody know how to fix this

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