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Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips and Tricks TO ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE (AC Origins tips and tricks)

Assassin’s Creed Origins tips and tricks & Assassin’s Creed Origins tip. AC origins tips and tricks + assassins Creed origins tips
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Assassin’s Creed Origins tipps and Assassin’s Creed Origins tricks are included in this AC origins tricks video.

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26 Comments on Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips and Tricks TO ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE (AC Origins tips and tricks)

  1. This is just the beginning of my Assassin's Creed Origins coverage! I have already played a lot and got a ton of content coming your way <3

  2. thanks so much, I've been spending all my money on the blacksmith, and when I watch videos of other people playing they already have loads of coins

  3. Damn this was really helpful

  4. What's the name of the outfit at 0:22

  5. Wtf are these tips ?! "Loot containers" "Do sidemissions"

  6. I LMFAO EVERY TIME I PLAY THE VID AND HEAR "Don't worry everyday there is another Test from the kid in No Pants, Bizarre! Who will give you a Dance for some Nude Gawkin."
    Not poking fun, we all come from different backgrounds, and therefore accents.
    …Maybe go with calling them Heka Chests, at least then worse case is hearing, Heckle Pest, and on that note ????

  7. Level 46 now didnt even know i could dismantle my weapons lol

  8. I'm sorry but your advise to "save" money by not upgrading weapons is total shit, that like the only thing you should be using in game money for, if you find a weapon you like ABSOUTLEY upgrade it, so it won't become useless when you encounter higher level enemies.

  9. How do you meditate?

  10. JorRaptor
    I wish there was a way to reverse the senu and scan buttons. Is there a way i don't know of?
    Tap to scan would be better thanks

  11. Damn, sold all my trinkets without unlocking the salesman ability

  12. You talk too fast and you say Assassin's Creed funny LoL.


  14. I have a question hopefully someone can answer.
    The hunting bow, what is it's purpose? I've never found a need for it. I run light and predator. And even for hunting animals I use those bows, which leaves the hunting bow obsolete. Even furthering my question, it seems a hunting bow at the same lvl of any other bow does significantly less damage.
    So what is the main purpose of the bow? To me it seems useless.

  15. Turn on the captions in the beginning of the video and it will i played a lot of obsessed origins.????

  16. Heres another tip i just found out if jumping from a high area press dodge before you land and you'll do a barrel roll you'll take way less damage if any on top of that you can survive higher falls

  17. I haven't seen anyone point this out yet. You can shoot sleep or poison darts at a fire to make a cloud… like you could do in Syndicate with Jacob and Evie Frye

  18. Slow down abit lad. Jeez

  19. I like ac origins buuuuuuuuut it runs like shit on pc my new i7 7700k 100% used My Specs: MSI GTX 970 OC to 1600mhz, i7 7700k stock, 8gb ram 2133mhz

  20. sometimes the game does fail a bit in the leveling i once got a random quest from nomad that the destination was off in a section of the map that was level 30 and up and there was no way i would survive going there. Or like the quest bayaks promise. It is suggested level 5 only yet there is no way to complete that quest until you go through the game leveling up because all the stones are scattered around the map. A level 5 would stand no chance just roaming around looking for the special question marks unless they were super lucky not to get ambushed by anything. This game has not been out for a whole long time either and they already have event quests like trails of gods that is like level 40 and shit. Common most people are not ready for that yet unless they have nothing going on in life and play this constantly. Other than those few leveling things, this game is immensely satisfying for me and the only ac game i have been able to keep going at without getting bored.

  21. This game is amazing

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