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BASIC BUILDING TUTORIAL // The Sims 4: Builder's Bible

Ever wanted some advice on how to build in Sims 4? Consider your wish granted. Leave a comment about what you want to see next!

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Want to skip around?
Hot Keys – 2:53
Roofing – 4:15
Dormers – 6:32
Windows – 8:55
Finishing Touches – 10:57
Landscaping – 12:24
Diagonal Tiles – 14:01
Free Rotation – 14:57
Duplication – 15:22
Raise/Lower Objects – 15:44
Resizing Objects – 16:56

37 Comments on BASIC BUILDING TUTORIAL // The Sims 4: Builder's Bible

  1. I’m playing on Xbox and I can’t do most of those things

  2. I dont have the slider to get a foundation

  3. WAIT. The house in the beginning is a… BLUE SUBURBAN. Really? Lol.

  4. she looks like my sister!

  5. How do you raise the foundation? When I click on foundation I don't have the option to raise it? Is it a cheat?

  6. Ps. More build tutorials! ????????????

  7. Thank you for telling us these cheats???? I knew the half of them and I was wondering how to do the rest???? Thx????

  8. I love bb.moveobjects on????

  9. This is pissing me off I have tried to put a foundation and it won’t let me

  10. omg I just realized I follow you on twitter! I just subscribed ????

  11. Helpful vid! I've never been good at roofs!

  12. I would like to thank mother Kayla for helping me! Thanks to your video I was able to make a house for my sims that they actually might like to live in and not just a sprawling monstrosity or a tiny pre-built house with an insane basement ????

  13. My question would be that my sims sometimes have trouble getting to things without move objects, how are they ever going to be able to interact with any objects ever again?

  14. Thanks for ur help. What do when S4 spurts out "cannot place roof in an enclosed room." I am having way too much trouble building a simple roof. Please help.

  15. The poor sim that had to do the shingles on that house hates you…

  16. "Cuz I'm a good noodle"????

  17. I’m going to put this in Del Sol Valley and customize it!

  18. Please stop talking so fast!!

  19. Ur voice is so cute, and thanks it really helps alot also i subbed!

  20. Thank you for all the cool cheats!!

  21. It's a very crazy video

  22. Can you like, slow down with your voice?

  23. 4:15

    Only fo me but…if you want to just like 🙂 it’s infinite

  24. How do u do a second floor because it's invisible

  25. Excellent Tutorial!!

  26. How do you make two story on xbox everytime time i try it doesn't work because it just goes in my actual house

  27. who's watching in 2019?

  28. my narcissist and i think youre a husband

  29. Can you just stfu and build the fucking house

  30. On PS4 How Do U Get To the 2nd floor!?!?HELP

  31. Holy Speed Talker!! I thought James Charles talked fast. He’s got nothing on you. 😉

  32. this was super helpful but you talk exactly like the 13 yo girl I look after and it's so weird hahah thank you for all the tips!!

  33. Ok, so….you talk REALLY fast. I love everything you did but it was difficult to follow because you talked like you took 5 redbulls and an espresso.

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