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In this guide we cover the basics of the new BR game, Realm Royale. See below for more!

Gear/PC Specs:
Gaming PC:
i7-8700K @ 5.0Ghz:
Asus GTX 1080Ti Strix:
G.Skill Trident Z 3200:
Samsung 950 Pro SSD:
Predator XB271HU :…


  1. oh the passives in this video is completely different on what I saw when I first played realm royale

  2. What classs did he use

  3. How do I talk to people via text chat

    And how do u mute people

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  5. Anvils are hammers not.

  6. those are not hammers but anvils!!!

  7. anyone got any good sensitivity settings? including windows mouse settings

  8. How I can Change my name

  9. Now i can play and my pc is beast like sonexpesive

  10. love this game …waaaay better then fortnite because i'm not great at the building option and omg the chicken is hilarious i died an turned into one and i hid in a corner an zoomed in on it and it look's like a crack addict lol sorry but it is funny Subbed oh and the landing is awesome the only thing i think when it happens is when deapool says " Super Hero landing "

  11. small tip: the things you call hammers on the map are anvils

  12. skip to 0:28 to get pass the fucking sellout shit, yw 🙂

  13. realm royale has a virus

  14. thanks i got bored of fortnite bc every1 got so trash

  15. what is the crit hit %?

  16. This was shit I tried downloading and I need steam and I’m no spending money on fucking stream to play a game that copied FORTNITE

  17. Does anybody here knows anything on how to fix the Voice chat issue?? Me and my friend are a having a duo but our voice chat doesn't work everytime we create a party but works properly when we join with a random player… both of our mics are working properly btw. Need help guys.. Thank you

  18. Its more like fortnite+PALADINS

  19. Great video, You can also check out gameplay to utilize combo when defeating an opponent

  20. U said toys and solos of the only mode that are available right now but solos may be available in the future

  21. 2:13 "duos and solo modes are the only modes available, maybe they'll come out with a solo mode in the future." ????????

  22. Is there a voice chat function

  23. Great breakdown! Really loving this game so far!! And Solo mode is here! WOOOOO!!

  24. #wtfmoses PUBG didn't invented battle royale haha

  25. This game is good

  26. come on …how much you spend in your autoaim ? 4:45

  27. It's also good to note that you don't need ammo! You obviously still need to reload, but you can never run out of ammo, nor do you need to find it. I love that aspect, it makes the game so much faster

  28. in the description it says you are playing pubg XD

  29. He said duos and solos are the only ones here

  30. Another shitty game.

  31. They added solo already 😀

  32. They already added Solo mode

  33. game is a breath of fresh air

  34. Duo and solo are the only mode but theres no solo

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