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Best Glass Cleaning Tricks: Bentley CGT

This is a quick video about how to clean your glass during a detailing session. (specifically the windshield) It all depends on how “dirty” the glass is…but use as many or as little of these steps that work for your situation. (you most likely wont always need ALL of these steps, but I wanted to show you a bunch in one video)

Hope is helps!


20 Comments on Best Glass Cleaning Tricks: Bentley CGT

  1. Dude is an amazing teacher. Learned a lot. Very lucky to have people like him create content.

  2. Saw a Video on RV geeks  channel using 0000 steel wool tried it works Great. also the use of Rain X  works super and the Rain X washer bottle additive. I have  been doing this on my truck for 10yrs and rain and snow slide right  off  and window is always clean  and  clear

  3. Great video, as usual !!

  4. am I the only one trying to grab that razor blade away from the car? lol

  5. To hell with Rain-X. I just use regular car wax, it lasts 10x longer.

  6. Near Bentley paint with metal zippers on that jacket?

  7. i don't think i be happy with him using the bonnet of my bentley as a work bench.. and all so at 6.39 did he chip the bonnet with the scraper ..

  8. Stoners w/ Rain Repel is better option over RainX due to RainX being a lil harsh on wiper blades. Carnauba wax base glass polish is great every 3 to 6 months…. the only time/place I use a wax on a detail job.

  9. For the inside window I have seen a micro fiber on a handle that pivots which follows the contour of the window. Work great..

  10. who have a car like that!?

  11. Larry says : since its a customer car & I am not gonna be sleeping over his house tonight ?

  12. See i do washs as fill-in (some people call it detailing….i dont) detailing I charge at least 400+ because A. I'm not using cheap autozone stuff, I have professional grade, quality products, my waxs range from $100-15000 (i have some $20+ decent waxs and sealants which I use for base coats but they never are used as LSPs). B. Me and my team hit every little tiny aspect of the vehicle we spend a minimum of 3 hours just for exterior with a quick interior wipe down amd vacuum. And C. I know what the service is worth those penny chasers doing $100 details do shoddy work, the quality is Z level and they won't touch the high end products not will they focus on delivering the absolute highest quality. Its simple refine your methods, offer QUALITY, charge more.

  13. Great tips Larry! Thank you for sharing the information.

  14. I was so sorry that I used the razor blades on my glass. I thought I'd finally get the glass super clean.

    Instead, the glass got scratched so bad I had to replace both door windows.

    Still trying to polish out the scratches on the rest of the windows.

    Really disappointed.

  15. A brilliant video lesson as always, so thank you Larry for taking the time to shoot, edit, and upload this for everyone.
    I have a 1974 Bentley T1, so could you please do a tutorial sometime for detailing classic cars, ie paint rejuvenation, leather interiors that have old scuffs, and chrome bumpers. I hope you could do this, as I am sure there are other classic owners who would love your guidance. Best wishes from England, Emma :-)

  16. your scratching the shit out of that glass … micro scratches

  17. Hi Larry,

    Very interesting video! I already put part of it into practice.

    Do you have specific recommendations for side-windows? In particular, how to prevent streaks and scratches due to regular opening/closing of the windows?

    I have to open my driver side window twice daily (because of access card at work), and on days with good weather, I open/close all windows up to 10+ times a day (I drive a convertible). However, wax tends to streak, and due to dirt (either on windows or on the felts) sometimes scratches occur.

    Any tips for protecting the windows? And cleaning the window felts (and keeping them clean)?

  18. "…shoot laser beams at it…"

    That made me think of a infomercial from the 80's. It was a product called Dura Wash. They took a car that was washed with it and shot a laser on it to prove how the wash protected the paint. 

    Ah, the 80's.

  19. this is alot of work just for cleaning glass

  20. where did you get this razor blade thing?

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