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Best Tutorial Fix Any Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) On Windows 10/8/7

Fix Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) on your Windows computer.

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39 Comments on Best Tutorial Fix Any Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) On Windows 10/8/7

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  2. Nothings helping unfortunately keep getting that blue screen with a sad face saying failed, restarting, and a error code.

  3. It's definitely a Motherboard problem. I can vouch for it. I fixed mine by tweaking MoBo. If you read the event viewer for BSOD it implies not enough voltage is distributed to the RAM and CPU.
    No need for the CMD. Just Uninstall the graphics software, then flash your MoBo with update, then reinstall chipset, then install the graphics software. Then restart. Then tweak your MoBo's voltage higher a lil bit. Then restart. Redo until you reach the sweet spot for your MoBo.

  4. Quick question: due to the fact that I've had enough with the BSODs I've received while starting/ playing Asphalt 9: Legends on my every-day Windows installation, on an empty HDD (two times formatted and one time deep erased) I've installed only: Windows 10 x64, all the updates to-date, the driver for the video card and FxSound Enhancer – concluding with the installation of Asphalt 9: Legends (with the obligatory restarts after each and every installation). When all was done, I've used the enhanced "cleanmgr" to get rid of useless crap and I've installed and run O&O Defrag Professional – so my "C" is, now, 0,15% defragmented.
    I've started Asphalt 9: Legends and, even before reaching the game menu, I've received the motherfucking BSODs maybe 9-10 times. I've run "chkdsk C: /f /r /x" two times, but there's nothing there to fix, the HDD being in almost mint condition and Windows being installed only yesterday. I've did a "Reset" of Asphalt 9: Legends – same problem (BSOD).
    Any thoughts? (I mean solutions !!)
    Thank you in advance.

  5. WTH man the last method works thank you !! <3

  6. i cant even boot into safe mode wtf is wrong with my computer

  7. i do not find any of the file in regback

  8. i get bsods when im gaming

    1. ive tried reinstalling graphic drivers

    2 . factory reset

    3. updating windows

    4. using driver easy witch didnt do jack shit for me

    5.doing sfc/scannow

    someone please help me im tearing my fucking hair out at this point

  9. Hello I love your tutorial!! Am attempting it on my HP Touchscreen right now but I do not have a cursor. I am using the keyboard is there any other info I should be aware of ? Thank you

  10. YOU need a USB to get out of the automatic repair

  11. None of the methods worked in my case, the last option is format windows that I did. Windows is more stable now

  12. I tried several methods and this seems close but I am still unable to fix and I still see the blank blue screen.

  13. Bro, It Works.

  14. Help I can’t move my mouse

  15. Thank you so much! The last solution worked!


  17. waaaait. the command prompt really worked. or maybe just only at the beginning

  18. Yeah ummmm I just reset my entire computer

  19. What happens when it says "The file cannot be copied onto itself." Never gave me n option to overwrite my files…

  20. My computer will NOT let me 1. Restore to earlier setting, 2 and this black C:/ says there is not enough memory to complete this task. What the heck is this all about?

  21. I'm not getting ANY options at all.

  22. Hey did u have any discord i dpny have the same options like you howw?

  23. Thought I was already in deep shit, when the first two steps failed. Thank you very much for the video. Saved me big time. More power!

  24. Thank you so much nothing else worked your thing worked and you are a fucking God because of it

  25. its not working i did it 2 time both times not working

  26. What do you do if you cant go into safe mode

  27. I don't have the Automatic Repair option

  28. none of the options worked for me

  29. Downloaded the iso but the system keeps crashing and I’m unable to get into the automatic repair screen, it shows it like it’s going into the automatic repair but it continues to send me to the blue screen.

  30. what’s the iso file called? windows clean what?

  31. Thank you so much. Cmd works…

  32. when I put in windowssystem32config it says the system cannot find path specified

  33. Thanks man. Last method works well.

  34. Thank you so this was such a helpful tutorial and it worked amazingly well thank you for making my day ☺️

  35. Do you have skype? If so I need help!

  36. Do we have to power off the pc on our own or we must wait for that error to happen three time rebooting?

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