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Best Tutorial Fix Any Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

Best Tutorial Fix Any Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

Blue Screen of Death aka Blue Screen, BSOD, Stop Error, is an exclusive Windows experience generously brought to you by the people of Microsoft, and did I mention, its free. So the best fix would be never to use Windows again. Subscribe to my channel:

Windows users around the world are far too familiar with this unwelcoming blue screen. Mac and Linux users do not usually experience BSOD, ie their crashes are not usually blue but other…

44 Comments on Best Tutorial Fix Any Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)

  1. How to fix the boot mgr file and slove the problem

  2. do you think the user can go into the internet if they have the BSOF on their computer

  3. Seriously??!!!! Dude, a blue screen means you cannot access anything. What the heck are you even talking about. You make no sense. YES SOFTWARE CAN CRASH YOUR PC!!! WOW This is absolutely not helpful to anyone that needs help. F8 is often disabled by viruses and Trojans.

  4. mine is caused by roblox

  5. you're a fucking joke.

  6. Huh…. my first BSOD on my computer needed me to update drivers. I did that and it stopped. For a while.
    But now the BSODs have come back except there's no stop code…. how do I fix this?

  7. What if i am aleardy in the BSOD and i dont my stop code ? Am i screwed ? Is there a way i can do it ?

  8. I’m so scared because i have it but it won’t pop up the advance options I’m crying so please help me!!!!! ????????????????

  9. Bet you if ea owned Amazon you'd have to pay for it
    Sub to me if u get it

  10. youst reainstal windows instal now windows end no blue screan

  11. am not inderstand any think man…shit dude

  12. I liked the BSoD and Joker metaphor. That is exactly what it feels like when a BSoD appears.

  13. In 10 years of MacOS I had 10-20 system crashes.
    Tried Windows 10 and it has crashed 20times in a one month already.

  14. Forget the OD and just leave the BS

  15. I know this is kind a late
    but I dont think any of this fixes ever work especially for nvidia in
    connection to games. I like to troubleshoot things though Im not an I.T. nor a
    computer wiz, Im a gamer. I believe nvidia really is a powerful graphics card but
    its like a child if it cant handle things it goes into tantrums and there goes
    BSOD. believe me I tried everything in the internet to fix mine but it didnt so
    as a gamer spending time in game is how i fixed mine I have a total of 6 games
    that i had 100% fix and most of the others I just find a way to make the game
    keep going for some I did stop even trying. for example my skyrim it cause BSOD
    modded and unmodded after spending time on it I found the problem or whats
    causing it to BSOD its inside the dungeons, if there are water that is higher
    than my characters ankles stepping on it or being near it will cause BSOD Ive
    proven it I had my friend made a mod that removes any water inside the dungeon
    and it stops, but it wouldnt be a game anymore I ended up with just an enb that
    I think edits something in the water and it fixed it. other example was all the
    tomb raider game 1,2&3 I made it continue by always looking in the task
    manager if the cpu usage drops down to less than 85 any acts would cause BSOD so
    I just wait for it to go up before I move. for some like MGS5TPP I had to
    disable nvidia to keep the game going for those I cant find a way I just stop
    playing those Specially MHW Im just stuck with teostra, the ember in his mouth
    while stuttering caused it still waiting for mods that removes it , and now im
    working to fix GE3 mostly the opening bandai logo and CC causes BSOD and thats
    not the same with the loading screen crash tweaking nvidia control panel fixed
    that already, I did have 9 terabytes worth of games most of them cause BSOD.
    what Im saying is to fix this it has to be within nvidia itself so dont blame
    the games or your pc for it I heared some who do.


  17. Computers are way too complicated for me I just quit it

  18. 0:05, Hey My Little Pony Pinkie Pie that was in BSOD.

  19. I love the intro hahahaha

  20. Mdsched.exe in Run is easier than searching memory. Cuts straight to it. And do you really have to pronounce BSOD like its a real word???

  21. Bro I faced this problem while I was adding vpn.
    How can I fix it ?


  23. I got on my old Dell N5040 Windows 10, all posible BSOD .sys dx etc etc, i try everithing without solve my bsod problems, BUT finally today all BSOD are GONE ! I replace my HDD with SSD and the problems disappeared. Cheers

  24. So your way of fixing is reinstall? Wow so genius

  25. Hold down power button

  26. Yeah ! think so ! It's a memory allocation issue it just happen when i change my ram stick

  27. I just got the BSOD


  28. I got blue screen while opening chrome after finished game of thrones on vlc media player

  29. I got blue screen when im installing a drivers

  30. Mine gives me the bsod after sign in

  31. Lol I got it by listening to Mobamba

  32. I left after “best way is to never use windows again”.

  33. I got it playing ROBLOX i don’t know how to fix this…

    M$ at its best
    The VIRUS NUMBER ONE of the digital world
    I Love M$
    I am very happy with these new Blue Screen !!!!

  35. bhai maine 360security software se blue screen aane ki problem ho gayi hai

  36. Dislike – you didn't mention all the critical errors in Indian accent. 😀

  37. once i got a BSOD while watching minecraft videos

    true story

  38. I can't access the main desktop cause of the blue screen of death. I'll try to reboot but I don't think I can do any of the other stuff. Thanks anyway

  39. Open chrome bsods my pc. It didnt do this before. Help!

  40. u idiot u didit show how to remove blue screen so i can get in safe mode n00b

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