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Big Bash Cricket Tips & Tricks: How to Win Every Match

Big Bash Cricket is one of our favourite mobile cricket games at the moment. We’ve been playing the game at Legend difficulty for almost two weeks now and we thought we could share some tips for new players. Some of these tips will help you learn how to play the game at Legend difficulty and there’s even one “cheat” that guarantees victory at any difficulty.

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31 Comments on Big Bash Cricket Tips & Tricks: How to Win Every Match

  1. how i download this game

  2. Friend now this game is not coming I think it’s banned

  3. How to bowl outswing and short balls

  4. Main bahut bhadiya khelta hun

  5. tricks are not working.tricks are fake

  6. Mere sa shot nahi lagti????????????

  7. i can't hit sixes pls help me?

  8. If you want the ball to be caught by the wicket keeper in legend difficulty.all you have to do is throw the ball at the side of the bat and in the picth.remeber it does not mean that wicket keeper can always catch the is possible that the batter can hit a six so keep parctising

  9. Useless… u didnt mention the blue one which comes even faster than the yellow

  10. Yorker/In Swinging Yorker Is Another Delivey To Bowled a Batsman Or Get a LBW
    Just As M.Amir Trent Boult & Other Bowlers Do
    n I Have Bowled Out My Opposition Many Times On 0/10 By using This Ball

  11. Me toh full ball 6 Marta hooo

  12. Hey guy!!!
    Watch this
    BBL is a wonderful game!!!

  13. hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about cricket tips try Nevolly Crazy Cricket Nerd (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  14. How to hit a six exactly 200m ??

  15. Pls tell for secret achivements

  16. player not left Right move

  17. Still i can't bat … my team gets all-out

  18. How to deliver a faster ball bro

  19. superbat bars disappear even if we hit a four…the only way to maintain them is to hit sixes

  20. hahahhaha , very helpful video bro

  21. You can hit sixes easily by hitting it over the wicketkeeper by swiping up

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