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BLINK for Windows Phone 8 Tutorial

With BLINK for Windows Phone 8, you’ll never miss the best shot. BLINK captures a burst of images beginning even before you press the shutter and continuing beyond. No problem if you push the shutter a few moments too early or too late. With BLINK, a simple finger swipe lets you find the perfect shot. You can even return to BLINK to find a second and third shot from a single capture. Advanced image stabilization technology from Microsoft Research removes camera shake and lets you focus on…

16 Comments on BLINK for Windows Phone 8 Tutorial

  1. Lumia 830. Saves the capture in STILL mode to Pictures, but when I save the capture in BLINK mode, it's simply gone… I can't find it anywhere on the phone… it's simply not there. What's wrong? Is it a bug?

  2. Used this to capture a bolt of lightning.  Takes shots DAMN fast.

  3. The software is perfect for making gifs but you can't save the entire group of photos, only one at a time. Really annoys me that I can't just save each batch of photos as a gif.

  4. dude what app u use to project the phone screen on ur com ?

  5. that expectation is too high… Even SLR cameras have many limitations with burst mode..

  6. But there is no option to enable focus assist light or flash for night shoots. This can be used only in day time which is not 100% innovative.

  7. It constantly takes pictures, even when you don't press the shutter, which means that when you do, it SAVES PICTURES FROM BEFORE YOU PRESSED THE SHUTTER.

  8. Does this work on Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 too?

  9. This app is already taking pictures before you press the shutter button.

  10. How is it different from the burst mode in the camera app?

  11. This must be on the Windows Phone Youtube soon 😉

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