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Bluetooth Not Working – Fix Windows/8/8.1 – Fixer PRO

This tutorial dealing with bluetooth problem in windows, windows 8 and windows 8.1

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How to fix bluetooth in windows?
How to fix bluetooth in windows 8.1?
Bluetooth not working in windows

16 Comments on Bluetooth Not Working – Fix Windows/8/8.1 – Fixer PRO

  1. should that work in same way for windows 10?

  2. didnt help please is there a way i can contact you so i can send screen shots

  3. didnt work for me my laptop still cant find any bluetooth device help me pls

  4. Can you help me with this problem. I bought VIZIO S3851 w bluetooth speaker, i tried to connected with my desktop, and it was connected and it make sound, but the thing is my desktop will get frozen, but it still playing the song. Everytime, i turn on the speaker to play sound, my desktop immidiately get frozen. Can you help me to findout and solve this problem.

  5. thumbs up, it works! god i hate windows 8

  6. dont worl :c no bluetooth settings i do exaccly the steps and notting help plz

  7. I have the same problem in win 10.
    After I made all the changes including "ver 6.2" and got the service working I couldn't get to a screen that enables bluetooth.
    can you help?

  8. thank u sooooo much

  9. Thank You So Much! Its working and subbed :)

  10. Hi, to get your Bluetooth get connected which is showing offline after pairing on WINDOWS 8.
    1. go to control panel
    2. open view devices and printers
    3. double click your Bluetooth device and you should get the pop up window which is Bluetooth properties.
    4. go to services tab which is the 3rd one and wait for the FOLLOWING SERVICES TO LOAD IN THE BLANK BOX. such as Audio sink, Handsfree Telephony, Remote control and Serial port SPP .. COM3
    5. You would find only Serial Port checked…….
    CHECK all unchecked box, click apply and ok.
    If you are wearing your Headphone already, you would find the connecting chime…. ENJOY

  11. what to do if still have a problem?

  12. its still not finding my Sony headset.
    With phone it works perfectly.
    Why is that.
    such a shame

  13. Fixer Pro, I have a problem. I have win 8.1. Since February I use a bluetooth speaker. I just turn it on, the speaker says "connected" and the sound plays from the bluetooth speaker. Since July, I turn on the speaker and nothing happens. I tried deleting the speaker from the devices and pair it again, but this also didn't work. Today I discovered that I can't send photos from my cellphones. A message appears to the cellphones saying that "the service is not supported by the device" (meaning the PC). Can you help me please???

  14. Follow simple steps to fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 8.1. This solution also worked for Windows 8.

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