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Bootstrap 3 Tutorials – #11 Creating Modal windows (pop-ups)

Bootstrap 3 Tutorials #11 Creating Modal windows (pop-ups)

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16 Comments on Bootstrap 3 Tutorials – #11 Creating Modal windows (pop-ups)

  1. Great video!! But how can get the modal to appear (automatically) once the page loads?

  2. ok buen video tutorila de boosytrap

  3. Awesome tutorial series! I have been following all the videos.
    I have one question. Is it possible to add structure to the content inside of a modal?
    For example, instead of having everything in one big paragraph can you add columns and rows?

  4. Lalit, very nice tutorials you got over there man, learned a lot!
    I've one little question how'd you get an "life preview for a website" in the  modal pop-up window?

    Keep the good work up!

  5. thank you i benefit alot

  6. what developed tool ?

  7. thanks so much for this tutorial, couldn't find better online :]

  8. Great tutorial, man! Easy on yourself when you make a mistake! t shows your human and , personally, it doesn't make me feel so bad, since i make a lot of mistakes too!!  keep the good work!
    Susbcribed and liked the video 

  9. excellent explanation

  10. You keep incorrectly referring to the bootstrap add-on attributes as "classes". data-toggle is an pseudo html attribute tag that is interpreted by jQuery. Might want to take note of that for future videos. The people that really benefit from these videos will be less confused.

  11. Hi Lalit Bassi…Ur pop up post was superb…I need some snippet support for sign up & sign in with social buttons form with popup..

  12. It would be nice if you actually addressed the difference between modal windows and modeless windows. 


  14. very useful. thanks a lot :)

  15. Modal windows in Bootstrap

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