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Brother ScanNCut Tips & Tricks – Cutting Stamped Images – Wonderful Romance – 2019 Occasions Catalog

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In this Brother ScanNCut Tips & Tricks video, you will learn how to cut out stamped images using your Brother Scan and Cut. The stamped images we will cut out are from the Wonderful Romance stamp set by Stampin’ Up! It is in the 2019 Occasions Catalog by Stampin’ Up! The stamp set is retiring on June 3, 2019. First, I stamped the images onto Whisper White. I used a blade depth of 4 with the CM350 or Scan and Cut 2. You can use the…

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24 Comments on Brother ScanNCut Tips & Tricks – Cutting Stamped Images – Wonderful Romance – 2019 Occasions Catalog

  1. Perfect! Easy to follow and to duplicate. Love the pencil and eraser trick. I was using colored pencils because my lines were impossible to erase nicely. I see a trip to the office supply store in my future for your eraser. Thanks.

  2. Fabulous learning tut for me Thank you

  3. I tried to go to your stampin up site and it came up as an error ?

  4. Here I go again with another question. I have a flower stamp that has the petals in detail and they are all connected. How do I ignore the lines of the petals . The machine cuts each part out I don't know how to fix it.:( Thank you ! Jan

  5. Nice video! Never saw the Scan & Cut machine in use before. Great video! Thanks for your video!!

  6. I have another question, what is a half cut? I downloaded my scan n cut manual very confusing. Thank God for you!

  7. In editing mode, if you choose the icon with the three squares that are side by side, you can choose more than one item at a time to delete. You do have to be careful not to tap on an empty space, since all your choices will be unchosen, but it's good to choose a few, then the trash can, then choose some more, etc., rather than having to do it one at a time.

  8. Is it possible to cut out embossed stamped images? I so appreciate your videos ! Thank you!!!!!

  9. I did the pencil outline image and it does work…thanks for all of your tips.

  10. Thanks for your tips and tricks—especially for flowers. I’ve received my new catalog and survival kit along with a lot of other goodies. I’ve made my wish list and will order some of them on 6/4. I’m so happy to see that the teapot die is not retiring. I tried to find it to order in the old catalog but didn’t see it. I’m taking your advanced snc class and enjoying it. Thanks for all your help.

  11. I’m so thankful for your tutorials! I’ve a question, does the amount of light and where it is shining on the scanner matter for object recognition?
    I hope you have a Tutorial on how to use a letter pattern From the machine and copy as many as will fit on the card stock. I making wedding invitations and need 150 of the letters A and B! Would love any tips and tricks you could share with me???? thanks

  12. You are a wonderful Teacher! I just found your channel. I ordered from your shop. I plan to take your classes once I buy the machine. Thanks for sharing! I will be following you in the future.

  13. Congratulations to JoAnn for winning the French version of Wonderful Romance.

  14. Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing your hints and tips, I very much appreciate it.????

  15. Thanks for sharing Kim! Your tutorials really help a lot as being a new SNC user!

  16. Fab projects and great tips n tricks using snc. Love it! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????congrats to Susan for winning the set

  17. I just love your videos! You mention that you cut out your mats and card fronts and that it saves you time. Can you send me the link where I can see you do that? Thanks

  18. Congratulations Susan! You won the English version of the Wonderful Romance stamp set.

  19. Thank you for showing your tips and tricks.

  20. Have you tried coloring before cutting to see if it recognized easier avoiding all the extra steps and time?

  21. Awesome. Great help solving problems with scanning. Thank you!

  22. To receive your new Annual Catalog Survival Kit, place an online order at my Stampin' Up! store by May 31st and use the current host code.

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