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Bush Hid(e) The Facts (Notepad Trick)

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36 Comments on Bush Hid(e) The Facts (Notepad Trick)

  1. Eleven years later

  2. Does Not Work In Windows 7 8 8.1 And 10

  3. No 009 Sound System?

  4. Damn this is an old video..

  5. охуеть 8 лет это пипец

  6. You come to this part of youtube when you're boored as fuck

  7. Bullshitsss!!!!!

  8. Try "qwer tyu iop asdfg" trolololololo

  9. @etiLSD Notepad incorrectly guesses that the file is encoded using unicode text. You can tell by clicking File, Save As after you open the file a second time. This happens because plain text documents don't have any explicit means of specifying their charset, so applications have to guess. With very short documents like this, there isn't much to go on, so the app often gets it wrong. If you open the file with Notepad++ and tell it to use ANSI (which is what it was saved in), it works fine.

  10. on mine it goes chineez letters

  11. it works with whatever you want

  12. it works only on bush… 🙁

  13. not working anymore……

  14. me and my friend did this its cool

  15. this is what I get
    畢桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴 when I translated it, it meant-
    Mount Albert桳栠Ying琠敨mongoose seized
    lol what is that suposed to mean?

  16. Nice wallpaper 😀

  17. man you r awesome

  18. This is MY OWN VIDEO. If there is another video identic to this, that video was copied by someone other.

  19. then how do u get it back to narmol

  20. what "????" I dont remember what was my comment…It was removed!

  21. lolz i know what it means i know chinese

  22. yeah right…I'm sure it's just a big "coincidence"!

  23. i tried to use google tradutor but nothing…

    i only done this:

    畢桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴 (chinese) = 桳Bi Ying栠Mount琠敨seized mongoose (english)


    畢桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴 (japonese) = 捡獴reflection琠敨栠摩畢桳 (english)

  24. Woah that's weird. I hope this isn't some sort of government conspiracy and I don't get taken aw

  25. i got 畢桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴

  26. this is strange

  27. it came out with chinese words, go download a chinese reader and you would see it

  28. work with me 🙂

  29. this one didnt work for me unfortunatly.

  30. it works with every "xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx" type phrase.Use "John ate my lambs" "dude lol you fucka" "shit its all magics" "lolz lol lol lolol" =))))))))) they all work

  31. whats that what can you do with ?

  32. LOL! I copied the boxes and pasted it into MS Word and it came up as chinese symbols! I translated that into english and it said "Finishing桳 栠 touches 琠 敨 reflects picks 獴" (if any symbols in that quote don't show up, they are chinese symbols!!!)

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