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C++ HOW TO HACK any game TUTORIAL Pt 8 DLL Injection 1

Heres the first tutorial regarding DLL Injection, this is very useful for when hacking any game.
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Things you will learn with this are:
-How to access assembly instruction with ollydbg
-creating a dll injector
-creating a dll file
-do a variety of hacks such as rapid fire, no recoil, unlimited ammo as well as a few others

hope you enjoy and any feedback is appreciated

19 Comments on C++ HOW TO HACK any game TUTORIAL Pt 8 DLL Injection 1

  1. does this work for online games ?

  2. Can you do one on bf3

  3. is this will run on Contract wars on facebook online game

  4. it works at mw3 ????

  5. go to 5:47 and put on captions or click the cc thing


  6. OMG He has a file called Nkd Taiwan Boys Omg

  7. It would be nice if you make it for roblox.

  8. Guys HOS van i do this for ps3 ????

  9. Plz make an aimbot for Blacklight Retribution

  10. Just a quick question. Since i'm pretty sure games (Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, etc) are server sided? are any of these games hackable from the client's side?

  11. Im up for it… i've got all day.. lol

  12. Can u pleaseee make Sudden Attack Sea wallhack pleaseeeeee

  13. does this injector work for arma 3?

  14. How to hack contract wars

  15. ps the game is Warface

  16. The game I am trying to hack will not let me attach a debugger to find out what access this address the game just crashes can you please tell me how to do it right?

  17. Ok I need a guide or a link at least… What I am trying to do is break the game file… Extract it, but dunno how to do it.. I am trying actually to extract  kom file. But any kind of video tht is showing how to break crypto or breaking some kind of file, tht might work with other files would be good. Sorry for bothering, u just got so many videos… and its really hard to find what I need. Pls if anyone can be kind enough to send me link, I will sub? Thanks :)

  18. Where did you made the "No Recoil Hack"?

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