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Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Is card throwing the new water bottle flipping?
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49 Comments on Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  1. you sure everything is real……..cause its incredible!!!

  2. The cards are paid actors

  3. WooW????✌????

  4. Вы не русские дуры

  5. Oha türkler burda oley

  6. I saw how you used a credit card on some of them

  7. Who else is here before 100M views?

  8. What cards were those?

  9. He cut the wick off


  11. A card can be that much sharp bro.. ohh superb

  12. Eu nao intendi merda nenhuma

  13. He is a baller ????

  14. At 2:52 you can tell that the card is a credit card so that it can cut through the bottle.

  15. How do cards break glass!?!?

  16. 0:35 look at his face LOL

  17. Reporting you to epic games… ya hacker

  18. He won Guinness world record

  19. how it is possible

  20. Hi, I am from Brazil

  21. He has a wart. Stop at 3:07


  23. He use a credit card to break the bottle at 4 card around the world watch carefully

  24. Who needs Shurikens when u have FLIPPIN CARDS that can slice stuff

    Edit:Let see how many like i can get on this comment

  25. In minutes 2.43 that card atm

  26. 4:05 am I the only one that said ouch

  27. Блять откуда они их берут

  28. Hú le bà con cô bác nhaa

  29. I'm Vietnamese, please register your channel

  30. Hello From Sharm El Sheikh Resort. Egypt ????????????????⚘????????????????????????❤????????????????????⚘????????????????

  31. No a bottle cannot be broken by card

  32. 日本人で見てる人いるー?

  33. What a work of art

  34. 1 mình tui ????????

  35. Pause the video right here 2:52 it looks like he is using a credit card

  36. Rick looks like Ramsey

  37. 1,9 juta like new rekor

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