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Christmas Stereotypes

Christmas Stereotypes. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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31 Comments on Christmas Stereotypes

  1. With being 14, I'm still terrified of the mall Santa's

  2. So not the nativity scene but the tv

  3. Bad Tyler he's on the naughty list next year

  4. I love the rage monsters they are so awesome

  5. What kind of person calls there dog temporary and if someone doesn’t take your pocket knife stab them and they become a porcupine

  6. Hey guys im from florida what does texas christmas mean

  7. I like that ''RKO'' at 4:48

  8. 7:25
    Texas Christmas
    you guys coulda called it Texas Xmas

  9. There are always a rage monster????????

  10. Dog: where am I? Am I called brown?

  11. Tyler: RAGES

    Also Tyler: Gives Fact About The Birth Of Jesus

  12. I cant stop laughing at this 2:14 at the last throw

  13. AHH! Girls win! Whooo!!! ELF! I've never seen it. "Are you serious Clare? 3 seconds later IT'S TOO LATE! [2×] AUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! 20 seconds later (Rage Monster stop [calming down]) That'll be a little bit too far. By the way, if you got your nativity set up like this, technically it's not Biblically correct. The Wisemen weren't actually here yet. They were still traveling. Anyways. AUUUGGGHHHAAGHHHGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That's funny as heck!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. The rage monster was 1:25 minutes long!

  15. Rail road tracks do cross liar

  16. 4:36 about to hit Jesus everybody :ahhhhh no not Jesus the rage monster well that would be to far

  17. 7:42 how long did it take to set this up

  18. Okay it's official I HATE TY!!!

  19. I hate that rage monster ????????????????????????????
    He doesn’t respect anyone and takes all their precious stuffs to smash!

  20. I feel so bad for the amount of money they have had to spend to replace every thing ty broke in all the stereotype vids I feel so bad for their wallets

  21. I am too afraid to see that rage monster.loss of money

  22. I am 100% the first stereotype (early riser)

  23. 4:35 how Tyler cleans up Christmas decorations

  24. It’s Texas and Florida for a hot Christmas

  25. Like I sware the rage monster is either fakin or ragin

  26. why always rage monster

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