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Classic Shell to Get Start Menu in Windows 8

In this video Eli shows you how to get the Start Menu in Windows 8 using a program called Classic Shell. It is free, easy to install, doesn’t install crapware, and basically makes the Metro Interface a thing of the past.

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20 Comments on Classic Shell to Get Start Menu in Windows 8

  1. Thanks,The Only Way Win 8 Or 8.1 Is To Buy a Apple, as Its The WORST EVER!!!!! Thanks,for great Vids!!!!!!!!!,Jack

  2. it's great that Classic Shell works on Windows 10 too.

  3. Man Eli, this is definately the most revolutionary video I have ever saw on the internet & I saw tens of thousands….thank you good sir for making me aware of this fix of the mess that is windows 8..

  4. Windows 8 is really good, compared to the mac

  5. Why is W8 installed on non-touch-screen laptops, anyway!  That's an opinion masquerading as a question.  I'm 3 minutes into your rant & still don't see the answer.

  6. Real question is, is classic shell too demanding on ram resources in windows 8 ?
    If its anything like stardock windows blind you can have it. 😐
    I rather bare with windows 8 met-woah woah!! then to have my ram depleted too quickly every day.

  7. this was not helpful at all.

  8. I installed this to windows 8.1 and it doesnt let it show i did a repair install still not showing also windows said dont use it about 3 times on install any ideas? i know the software is good

  9. Sweet. You are the man. Not that man, but that man. Tanks.

  10. Windows 8 was designed for 2 in 1 laptops or something that is part tablet….. so yeah I don't give a crap about the design and I like it…. it keeps me organized and I get apps. All this nonsense about no start menu is dumb considering the laptop tablets would have a hard time navigating on tablet mode. So much for easy navigating on small touchscreens. So if you don't like the design go back to your ugly Windows 7 while newer technology grows on Windows 8. Heck the start menus coming back on Windows 10-11 and then again the tablets wont be able to navigate with a itsy bitsy panel. Oh and by the way Windows 8 has had no bugs or glitches whatsoever on mine so whatever these bugs and stuff things that are going around aren't true. And finally Windows 7 is not modernized and its a great step for Windows to modernize. I always wanted to have Windows 8 cause it has the start menu and honestly its been 10/10 even without a touchscreen. My PC is a 2008 Dell Xps and I wasn't expecting it to install and it did. So that's my thoughts on the crappy start menu And Goodbye… Oh and by the way it fixed every grammar problem I made on the comment I didn't even have to capitalize.

  11. I was actually looking to download Windows Classic theme on Windows 8.1 and came across this video. I downloaded the classicnet and it works well on windows 8.1. Thanks for the video.

  12. Thanks god… no, thank al the programers so saw the need and filled it with Classic Shell! Now I can get back to work, real work, not the work needed to learns how to remap 20-years of experience.

  13. People really need to transition into Linux. then we won't have a gigantic company controlling how we use our computers and choices will be up to the individuals.

  14. Hello Eli the Computer Guy…I did change my start menu back to the classic view, however, I lost all of my bookmarks that I had saved in the 8.1 menu!  How do I change BACK to 8.1 menu, so I can get all of my saved data back?  Thank you!

  15. Windows 8 and 8.1 are great on a touch screen computer. Not so much for having to use a mouse to open applications and sift through programs. Hopefully 10 will be better.

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