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CNET How To – iPhone panorama tips and tricks
When Apple updated the camera app in iOS 6, it included a fun panoramic photo feature. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to get started and offers some techniques for some creative results.

20 Comments on CNET How To – iPhone panorama tips and tricks

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  2. no? jailbreak an ios 5 device panorama was a hidden feature look up youtube videos its true you just dont know much about ios

  3. panorama has been in ios 5 this is not new

  4. Exactly lmao, my non android phone had panorama (Samsung Genio Slide) and quick reply options with calls via texts

  5. these were on android 2 years ago. just like the nortification bar,oh and LTE, aw crap wait!!!! 4G as well.i cant understand why people believe that samsung copied apple, when exactly the opposite happent.

  6. Show me the 360 photos on Android

  7. they don't give a fuck for android..

  8. Fuck apple my 3 year old phone take better pictures. Fuck this shit

  9. What the fuck Is the purple shit on the picture. Is that what I'm gonna get if I take pictures with an iphone 5.

  10. My crappy ass 2.5 years old samsung galaxy s had panorama

  11. what happened to the tourwrist app for android

  12. Agreed, but I wish I could do it in portrait mode. The wider angle lens makes up for some of it though.

  13. I own a Galaxy Nexus, but find idiots like you fucking pathetic. I truly hate everything about Android fucktard fanboys that think its cool to make fun of iPhone. The iPhone is actually a good phone, whether you like it or not.

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