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Complete Guide to Installing TUBEHAX on Nintendo 3DS – Emulators, Custom Themes, Region Free & More!

CURRENTLY WORKING ON THE NEWEST 10.1 FIRMWARE. Learn how to hack your 3DS and install Homebrew by using tubehax on your Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS, XL running firmware 9.0-10.1. Play Emulators, Region Locked Games, Get Custom Themes and More! Works on Windows and Apple (Mac) computers. [ SHOW MORE FOR LINKS AND MORE ]

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Introduction to hacking your 3DS: 0:00 – 1:05

How to Install tubehax (MUST DO 1st): 1:08 -…

20 Comments on Complete Guide to Installing TUBEHAX on Nintendo 3DS – Emulators, Custom Themes, Region Free & More!

  1. I've done everything and when I open the Youtube app it just opens like normal and doesn't bring up the pick version screen. What am I doing wrong?

  2. hey if i downloaded something useing the hack and than turned of the hack would i still have it on my 3ds?

  3. Thank you so much for this!! Now I'm able to play Pokemon Red and Crystal on my 3DS :D

  4. I get stuck when the bottom screen goes red and the top says hello and other stuff.

  5. My screen is stuck. I did everything twice. It won't do anything past when the touch screen is red

  6. Time to wait for Project M 3DS ;u; (jk)

  7. What emulator would work for Ds games?(Since there are some games I don't own that I'd like to play)

  8. For me it just went to YouTube, nothing happened. I followed all the steps, as well.

  9. how do i install tubehax without ironfall

  10. everything is working but when i start a link to the past and put my name down and begin the game, the game just freezes, help please!

  11. Can this be used to change the Notification LED? to say Rainbow filtered?
    Also can I play pirated games using this?

  12. Hey I am at 4:15 in the video. The bottom screen on my DS just constantly stays white, I'm on version 10.1. Any way to fix it? Thanks.

  13. Does this work on Version 10.1.0-27U?

  14. doesn't work, I get to the firmware screen and it says a error occured and closes it

  15. seems kinda risky…but then again i get paranoid about almost everything.

  16. dose this work 4 Ver. 10.1.0-27E ??

  17. Can anyone help me with how to run/install the NES emulator

  18. i have 10.1.0 and it says I need to update my youtube if I do that will it then work cause it keeps crashing on me

  19. I get an error when I open YouTube telling me to restart my system. I have done everything right up to that point, my version is 10.1.0-27U on the original 3ds.

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