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Condom Hack Pack!

Here’s a pack of 5 cool things you can do with an ordinary condom, including the Condom Shotgun!
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20 Comments on Condom Hack Pack!

  1. u might wanna just use balloons for the 4th one. Can u imagine ur friend walking into ur room to find pvc with a condom on it…

  2. Condom hack = benefit if u are married
    Your wife returns home and finds the condoms
    Your excuse?? You are making a romantic dinner near your pool
    Case 1 NO POOL? Near the table or in the sofa is ok too
    Case 2 Not able to cook? Order mate
    Case 3 Don't tell her anything about dinners.. Find something else
    You are a man.. you know how to "escape the situation" [Sry don't know the word that describes that]

  3. them cats be gettin some pussy

  4. Those Pussies really loved what's inside that condom.

  5. Friend: Alright, anything else we forgot before we head to camp?

    Me:…Condoms? I heard it can save your life.

    Friend: You're disgusting.

  6. I never knew condoms where very protected lol I no bad joke

  7. Catnip, condom…insert the word pussy and you've got the tools for anaother bad joke

  8. My dad says that number 3 doesnt work they will crack. Thats what happend to me

  9. No wonder that he have not bought condoms in a long time..

  10. Was adding a boing noise to every number needed ._.

  11. they go crazy for it because people smoke it

  12. those cats took it to there room rolled it and smoked it

  13. " … she was picking it up and tossing it all over the place … "

  14. U can make the shotgun with a balloon too

  15. That phone is a legendary phone tho

  16. or you can use A BALLOON.

  17. I don't even know how I got here

  18. condom shotgun, man are u running out of ideas..

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