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Condom Life Hacks | Thaitrick

Condom Life Hacks.
17 Ways to Uses Condom (Funny Video)
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24 Comments on Condom Life Hacks | Thaitrick

  1. I don't like your ideas here boring but I like plastic video

  2. when you don’t have anything to use a condom on

  3. Huy cómo sabe colocarlo al banano

  4. I hate condoms.

  5. Must have stolen a truck load.

  6. But i watch the complete Video ????

  7. So many bots

  8. But at last Best life hack of condom is Wear and Fuck ????????????????

  9. Какая жизнь презерватив

  10. why this have so much views?

  11. Жалко что твои родители не воспользовались им по назначению

  12. now you get someone carrying a cellphone in a condom…..i tell you try the method,knotting church cables and you will loose the congregation…..

  13. ประโยชน์ของกิ๊ฟ

  14. эээмммм я руский ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  15. OMG…. U teach me importantance of condoms in our life????????????????????lol….

  16. اعينوني بلايك في صفحتي أنا جديد على اليوتيوب????????????????
    My eyes are on my page. I'm new to YouTube????????????????????
    Mis ojos están en mi página. Soy nuevo en YouTube????

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