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Connecting to WiFi in Windows 8

How to connect to WiFi if you’re using Windows 8
For those interested in my desktop photo, I’ve uploaded it for anyone to use.
It was taken at the MLPAA property and the picture is available at:

32 Comments on Connecting to WiFi in Windows 8

  1. So i have a working router and when i went to click on the wifi it says that its unavailable and it doesnt do anything when i click it Plz help

  2. You didnt connect you use a fucking cable

  3. Thanks bro… It's really help me ????????????

  4. I can't see that network thing in my laptop

  5. I am not getting the option of connect to a wireless network

  6. Thank you nice dozer

  7. idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot

  8. Sir wi-fi driver kaise download kare

  9. After put the password its connected, then its showing no internet secured and identifying… Like that… Wat to do

  10. My system did not connect the internet ,I was trying but it shows UNAVAILBLE

  11. My wifi is sow in unavelebuso

  12. thank you so much

  13. You talked just the right amount, my younger generation doesn't understand the diversity and complexity of the mind for each of the generations. We got the internet and believe we are gods lol, but our elders possess wisdom over time which surpasses any quick knowledge we believe we've gathered 😉 The elders need a lot of words to navigate reality, because of the age and complexity of the minds constructs in each individual. I wish there were people that saw the cosmos of the mind as I.

  14. But i cant seen the option to turn on wifi

  15. It says checking network requirements…

  16. Thank you so much bro lifesaver

  17. which version of windows 8 u've???

  18. What if it shows that the wifi (off)?

  19. Stan Lee is that U?????

  20. Yeah its working….☺

  21. Sir can i connet internet in my computer? I have not laptop..

  22. Please help me when I click on connect it keeps on loading forever saying that CHECKING NETWORK REQUIRMENTS

  23. WiFi on laptop is suddenly not showing any response and it's automatically off or not sliding the option plz tell me the solution of this plz

  24. oh My gosh I want cry, Thanks for your Tutorial. VERY HELPFUL!

  25. Not so easy. I followed your instructions. But it never asked me for a password. Just said can't connect. All i did was change my password on my main wifi router. I always run into this crap. Thanks anyway….off to another source for help.

  26. my friend have a windows 8 and check a network, but we see a word "Wi-fi (Off)" and I want to fix it but it failed..

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