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Cool YouTube Tips & Tricks

This video covers some tips and tricks involving YouTube that help enhance user experience. For a list of all of the links used in this video, and to ask questions regarding this video, please visit the link below:

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20 Comments on Cool YouTube Tips & Tricks

  1. Any small youtubers willing to help eachother out?
    Sub me and I will sub you back ;)!

  2. now a days I would prefer addons or extentions to download youtube videos.

  3. 2015 ftw OLd YouTube ?

  4. Who else is watching this in 2015?
    No wonder the format was so different.

  5. Need something which helps the present scenario…

  6. oh….2009…that explains the old look of youtube

  7. how to skip that youtube things when you aren't old to watch a vidéo ?? 

  8. watching video

    (23 secs later)

    getting bored and goes to watch pewdiepie

  9. like if your watching in 2015

  10. type in use the force luke on youtube

  11. Eh… Is this video really relevant anymore? It was made in 2009. Youtube has changed so much.. 

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