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26 Comments on Crack Administrator Password using CMD –

  1. i dont need reset i just need to see the password

  2. it says access denied.

  3. This doesn’t work, I need to change the main admission account password however it is denied when I use a regular admin account

  4. It says access denied for me

  5. Literally says at 0:35 password required, No

  6. yes Dislike button Workss

  7. Error 5 has occurred. access is denied.

  8. It said Acces denied


  10. net User (admin account) Key=clear need admin privileges to use it

  11. Mine says "access denied"

  12. Thank you very much..!!

  13. thanks bud u made my day

  14. i can no typping for the paswordt im on windows 7 laptop

  15. I Was in a Serious Trouble
    This Really Worked For Me….Thanks Man✌

  16. This whole comment section is filled with shitty ads for malware, and 'to get this to work, you need to run as administrator', yeah but running as administrator asks for their password anyway so it defeats the purpose. Give us useful advice for once in your life.

  17. it worrked for me but… it says: the passwords do not match..

  18. It says access denied.

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  20. can someone give me a link of a videos that actually works in windows 8.1 pls

  21. doesnt work unless ur administrator

  22. access is denied

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