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CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 Tips and Strategy

Warm Up for 19.3:

5 minutes of overhead mobility

6 min Air Assault build up

3 rounds
10 alt groiners
8 alt. cossacks
15sec hs hold

2-3 rounds
10 alt. lunges no weight
8 Alt. box step ups no weight
5 Db Strict Press @ 35#-50#

2 Rounds
10ft OH Lunge 35#-50#
4 alt. step ups @ 35#-50#
2 strict hspu
10Ft HS Walk

2 round
10ft Oh Lunge 35#/50# R arm
10ft OH lunge 35/50# L arm
6 Alt. Step Ups 35/50#
10ft HS walk
rest 30sec

rest 3min after last set and hit it, use warmup to find out how to…

5 Comments on CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 Tips and Strategy

  1. I'm 15 and I end up getting to 7 handstand push-ups. I thought this was pretty helpful and just wanted to say how far I got today.

  2. 50 lbs ain't small for a little guy – I might be gassed after the first 2 movements

  3. Thank you for doing this <3

  4. Thank you, these are excellent tips. If I read between the lines I think you're suggesting that even if you can't do strict handstand push-ups still go RX. For 19.2 a lot of us could not handle the weights for squat cleans so we had no choice but to go scaled. I did 19.2 scaled and was six reps short of completing the entire workout . I would not have even finished the first 8 minutes if I went RX. But my understanding is that the way scaled and rxr AR reconciled on the leaderboard I would have scored higher going RX. So I guess from a strategy standpoint I'm just wondering when to go RX and when to go scaled

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